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Kelly Clarkson: ‘Catch My Breath’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Kelly Clarkon‘s latest video for “Catch My Breath“! The track serves as the official lead single off her very first hits compilation, Greatest Hits – Chapter 1, due out November 16. There is not much to say about the visual other than the fact that Kelly looks absolutely stunning in it. The hair, the makeup, the outfits, everything was styled perfectly. I’m content. What do you guys think?

BUY Kelly Clarkson’s new single “Catch My Breath” on iTunes NOW!



  1. I love it tbh… she’s beautiful..

  2. I’m a huge fan, she looks beautiful. But next time please let it have a plot too.

  3. She was giving that hair a workout, honey! I’m going to watch it again when I have a drinking game and drink every time she shakes her hair! I’ll be drunk by the end of the video!

  4. It looks wonderful althou it was completely shot in front of the green screen… Love it, and she looks beautiful…

  5. No, you should drink every time she throws her arma up. I meeeean.

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