Lana Del Rey: ‘Bel Air’ Video + ‘Paradise’ EP

With only a few days left until the release of her brand-new Paradise EP, Lana Del Rey has premiered another one of her much buzzed about viral music videos. This one is for the EP’s closing track, “Bel Air“, and it’s absolutely everything. There’s not a whole lot going on but it fits the ethereal feel of the song perfectly and Lana looks flawless (as always). Born To Die: The Paradise Edition will come packed with the original album and 8 new tracks including “Blue Velvet“, lead single “Ride“, “Bel Air“, and an official release of the previously leaked “Yayo“. Be sure to pick it up on November 12! What do you guys think?

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition


  1. Peter

    “Bel air” is okay, but (along with “Yayo”) the weakest track on the Paradise EP. I LOVE “Ride”, and really like “Gods & Monsters”, “Cola” and “Body electric”.

  2. Alicia

    “Gods & Monsters” and “Cola” are amazing. “American” and “Ride” are very good. Everything else is okay.

  3. DX

    Loved it! Lana Del Rey has impressed me again! I love the dark, melancholic feel of all her tracks, and this one strips away the beats and riffs to create something more ethereal which is a nice change.

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