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Carly Rae Jepsen: ‘This Kiss’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s latest video for “This Kiss“! The track serves as the third official single off her sophomore album Kiss, available in stores now. Directed by Justin Francis, the clip sees Carly heading out for a night in the town with her best gal pals until she runs into her long-haired love interest. It’s your typical girl meets boy scenario but it’s pulled off super stylish and trendy. Radio needs to hurry up and start playing this smash, I can’t get enough of Carlegend. What do you guys think?

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    • riot

      because nobody else 26 acting 13. people want originality and a difference so when they get it..they complain like you are right now. are you mad about it? be quiet.

      • Serge

        That’s not original, she should embrace her age and do songs that go with her age, she should have the experience to talk about different things, we don’t need another Taylor Swift

        • clinton

          SHE IS DISGUSTING…. I CAN’T STAAAAAAAAAND THIS BITCH. Her music is sooo bad and yes unoriginal. I don’t know one person that even likes her…. I just feel like a 26 year old shouldn’t be making music for little girls?

  • Wow

    Carlegend? I beg to differ. She’s just a “trendy” artist that nobody will remember after the next 6 months like Leona Lewis.

  • Sean

    Song (6/10)
    Video (8/10)

    It’s a fun video. The song falls flat for me. Just waiting for her team to release “Tonight I’m Getting Over You.” Next single? It should be.

    Have to say that I love her vocal quality. Her tone is pure and her delivery is refreshing.

  • Scott

    I’m 28 and I like her catchy music however I thought she was much younger. Clearly her label has a plan for her and I hope that she doesn’t tank. Call me maybe was a tween classic but it seems as though that since her tits leaked her career sinked.

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