Ciara: ‘Got Me Good’ Video Premiere!

Yesterday, Ciara celebrated her 27th birthday and premiered the video for her brand-new track “Got Me Good“! The song serves as the second official single off her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, due out this winter. Produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, “Got Me Good” is a upbeat dance floor-ready pop jam that sees Ciara bringing back the chaotic crunk’nb sound that we’ve heard from her on previous singles “Gimme Dat” and “Work“. We’ve all heard this from her before but “Got Me Good” surprisingly isn’t a bad song. Whether or not it will be a hit for her is completely up in the air. The good news is that the dance-heavy video for “Got Me Good” is actually pretty great and Ciara has never looked better. What do you guys think?

Got Me Good


  1. Kevin

    My back is aching. My bra’s too tight. My booty shake from the left to the right. My back is aching & I’m so in love, baby all I know is you got me good.


  2. Topher

    Cruz, I’m starting to think nothing impresses you. You never say anything positive. I like the song and the video. So much better than that sorry ass song, “Sorry!”

    1. Idolized101

      I have to agree with you. This song is amazing! I love this video Reminds me of Goodies + 1,2, step…..So good. Welcome back. As for Clinton the producers of those albums didn’t bring her to #1 time to try someone new! lol

    2. cruz

      Ahhh not true! She is too talented to put out bad songs like this. Ride, Promise, Goodies – those songs are amazing. Just call it like I see it.

  3. Clinton

    What happened to the good producers on her first second and third album……she needs them BAD, before she becomes irrelevant.

  4. Aaron

    If i Listen to this song more then once i think i will like it a lot. through the whole video i was waiting for missy elliott to pop out haha

  5. carly

    Yeah… I don’t care what anyone says, she’s got it. She’s hot, she can dance, she’s badass. I love it. Love her.

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