Tegan and Sara: ‘I’m Not Your Hero’

After a quick week off following their US dates with the Black Keys and Austin City Limits, Tegan and Sara will be getting ready to head out on tour with The Killers in the UK! In honor of the tour, the Canadian duo are releasing a special compilation on iTunes UK that will include a new album track from Heartthrob called “I’m Not Your Hero” – which they’ve already been playing live. “I’m Not Your Hero” is an upbeat pop jam along the same lines as “Closer” with its dance-ready drum groove and anthemic message/chorus. Heartthrob will be released in January! What do you guys think?

I’m Not Your Hero


  1. Rob

    This song sounds sonically identical to Kelly’s “Catch My Breath”. Only difference in the opening 30 seconds is Kelly has piano vs. Tegan and Sara’s guitar intro. Same melody through the chorus.

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