Ester Dean: ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’

After having spent the last several years writing hit singles for some of music’s biggest names, five-time Grammy Award nominated, Ester Dean, one of the music industry’s most in-demand songwriters, is finally ready to step into the spotlight with the release of her new single “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” The cover originally recorded by Bonnie Raitt will be the lead single off Ester‘s debut Interscope Records EP, due out early next year. Set over a synth-heavy dance beat, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is more of an explosive revamp than just a straight-up cover. It’s undeniably a club banga and serves as a perfect introduction for anyone still unaware of the fierce newcomer. What do you guys think?

I Can’t Make You Love Me


      1. TOMMY

        @The MUSIC PROPHET … totally agree with you. Should be a promo single and not the offical lead single… I think her lead debut needs to be something FIERCE by Dr. Luke and/or Stargate. Because let’s face it, they make hits!

  1. Kyle

    I have to agree…I can’t understand how an industry heavyweight would choose to do a simple cover as her introduction…the Cascada comment is spot on.

  2. Chad

    This is not Tank’s song. Wtf. Tank covered it.

    Anyways, I actually like this version. It’s funny how some of the people commenting think artists who aren’t already well established (not just as song writers) have a ton of choice in what their single is going to be. Noobs.

  3. Jasmine

    What about “Drop It Low (featuring Chris Brown)” single / video that came out last year? Technically, that would have been her 1st single which was an original song. This song is blah just like all of the other similar sounding songs being released now.

  4. Jonathan

    You would think one of the industry’s most in-demand writers could write herself an original for her debut.

    Guess not though lol.

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