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Ne-Yo: ‘Forever Now’ Single Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Ne-Yo‘s new single “Forever Now“! The track will serve as the second official mainstream single and fourth overall from his upcoming studio album, R.E.D., available in stores November 6. Produced by Phat Boize, Bingo Players and StarGate, “Forever Now” is a moody dance-pop jam that sounds very similar to it’s predecessor “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)“. While both tracks share many similarities, it’s the lyrical content that help deferent them. I really have to commend Ne-Yo this era for catering to his R&B fans as well as his diehard pop fans. R.E.D. will be quite the treat! What do you guys think?

Forever Now


  • cruz

    I’m sorry, what about this appeals to us R&B fans? This is dance pop. At least he isn’t talking about a sophisticated woman that pays her own vet bills for a change.

    • Jamie

      He wasn’t saying that in regard to the song. He was saying that regarding the album as a whole, which is going to be dance/pop and half r&b.

  • Cameron

    I really like Neyos music, although I have a hard time listening to it lol. He always sounds like he is whining in the songs it gets annoying l, I KNOW it’s the tone of his voice and he can’t help it. He sounds like his always crying while he sings or maybe constipated. Lol

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