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Taylor Swift: ‘State of Grace’

Check out the premiere of Taylor Swift‘s brand-new track “State of Grace“! The song is the fourth and final promotional single released as part of the iTunes Countdown for her fourth studio album, Red, due for release on October 22. Written and produced with Jeff Bhasker and Nathan Chapman, “State of Grace” is a upbeat pop-rock jam that sees Taylor taking on a much bigger sound with it’s drum heavy beat and soaring vocals. The song is giving me some major The Killers vibes with a hint of Florence + the Machine. I hate to say it but it sounds like Red may be Taylor‘s best album yet. What do you guys think?

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    • Cammeron2010

      to be the queen of country she’d have to be able to sing live. Carrie Underwood’s voice is something Taylor will never have.

  • Kevin

    I love Taylor but there’s something I love in Speak Now album that I can’t find in this album. Oh, maybe it’s too early to say it or maybe she wants people to hear something new from her.

    • Jonathan Leung

      I completely agree! I think “Speak Now” was a playful record that was more about the happy, childish side of love and with “Red” she has matured, looked more into the passionate side of love and evolved her style . I’m not sure if I like it though, I still she her as the young country girl when Teardrops on My Guitar came out. Who knows? We’ll see in about a weeks time!

    • Bryan

      Same here! I’m loving the songs from Red but the songs from Speak Now were really something special and so far this album doesn’t have it.

  • Jb

    You can’t compared her to “Florence + the Machine”, she’s no up to that standard yet. She’s trying to be someone else in “Red”, no originality at all. Anw, can i call this cheesy teeny pop instead?

    • M

      So far this is the first track that really doesn’t sound like something she would release, I do agree that state of grace is a pop song trying too hard to be an indie/rock song.

  • Mike

    I don’t like this song, in fact I hate it (vomit)!! I’ll wait to hear the whole album before I buy it. I’m glad she’s changing this up, but I think I’m gonna pass on this taylor swift era, I’m still happy with fearless and speak now.

    And something about her styling for Red isn’t sitting well with me, it’s kind of hipster-pretentious. I especially don’t like the cover of State of Grace, it’s too trying and unatural.

    But I still love her!!!

  • Sei

    I fell in love with Taylor with Fearless, then Speak Now was released and I felt that it was more of the same, it wasn’t bad but for me was boring that she got stuck to the same formula… so I wasn’t really interested on Red but I’m glad to know that she is going for a different sound now… ok it’s obviously not country anymore but while she can keep me interested I don’t care the genre

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