Rihanna: ‘Unapologetic’ Official Album Cover!

Just moments ago, Rihanna revealed that Unapologetic is the title of her anticipated seventh studio album! The 24-year-old pop diva will release Unapologetic on November 19 and it will feature lead single “Diamonds“! The album will feature production and writing credits from Stargate, Sia, Benny Blanco, and much more! Check out the official cover above! What do you guys think?

Update: Rihanna has tweeted “My NEW album “UNAPOLOGETIC” will be released on NOVEMBER 19th WORLDWIDE #Navy.”

BUY Rihanna’s new single “Diamonds” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Elijah

    Based on the tweets Rihanna made right before the album cover, are we sure Side Effects is the album title? It sounds like it might be, but it also might be something else.

  2. emma

    its too much for an album really distracting but whatever floats your boat. its really hard to know what the title since everythig is all the same

  3. cruz

    What the hell are you people talking about? The writing is intentional not a design nightmare. I’ve heard of dumbing down but do you really need the name of an album in big block letters printed on the cover? This is called art.

    1. Patrick

      Totally agree with Cruz. As a graphic designer, I think this album is beautiful and much more memorable than her previous few…

  4. Cody Rogers

    CRUZ, That’s not art, thats some desperate dumb talent-less whore holding her tits hoping that the 7th time around she can score a #1 album in the USA! If you want art, heres a link to a TRUE ARTIST who is nude & who is actually making “ART”! Hope you like her so can add some real music to your generic playlist!

    1. Scott

      @Cody – your comments says a lot about you and your thoughts. Think about it. Let me see how much you will bash me for making a simple statement. Again, think about it.

  5. mr.bouzou

    I’m a huge fan and loved all her covers so far but this just looks cheap… hopefully there will be another better cover for deluxe edition (if there’ll be one) 🙂
    I’m excited bout the name thou

      1. Joss

        I like it, like it! Come on, come on, come on! She may be bad, but she’s perfectly good at it! This cover is, in the words of Britney Spears, “Magnificento”!

  6. ahmad

    i’m a huge fan of hers but i’m not really excited for this album !!,i don’t think that diamonds is single material ! she could have done better .. and if the rest of the album sounds like that then i’m gonna be disappointed !

  7. jO

    it kind of reminds me of the cover for russian roulette, (or whatever that song was called :P)
    It’s creative, but she doesn’t need to always try and be scandolous, she’s more than just a walking controversy

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