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P!nk: ‘Try’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of P!nk‘s latest video for “Try“! The track serves as the second official single off her sixth studio album The Truth About Love, available in stores now. Directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by The Golden Boyz, the video sees P!nk take on The Apache Dance with New York dancer Colt Prattes. Apache Dance is an aggressive and acrobatic, yet beautiful and graceful contemporary dance that showcases the physical expression of the battle between men and women. Not what I was expecting but it’s strong and a refreshing take on the song. What do you guys think?

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  1. i seriously adore it !!! :\

  2. GORGEOUS! <3

    P!nk has now brought two different styles to her videos this era. LOVING EM!

  3. Why cant she just come out of the closet and admit she is a lesbian? We can all tell, same with Missy elliot.

  4. besides that, the video is cool and I enjoyed it.

  5. First of all I’m blown away with the hairdo!!! The green highlights are just so fresh and so amazing… enough of pink ones… 😀
    Secondly, video is amazing, something I didn’t ever excpect to see from Pink is dancing contemporary routine… just amazing!

  6. F#&* she is so talented. Dope video.

  7. The dance technique is so interpretive and beautiful! As an expert in dance, I believe that Alecia Beth Moore has done a stellar job in this music video! She has represented strong, independent woman all over the world! She truly is one to remember for long time. Go P!nk!

    1. OMG Shut the fuck up! Why are u and the other people using names from The Help? What is wrong with u?

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  8. WOW P!ink WOW!

  9. I LOVE the music video. It’s one of her best imo.

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