Eve Finally Retruns with ‘She Bad Bad’!

Ruff Ryders‘ first lady, Eve is finally back with her brand-new single “She Bad Bad“! After almost ten years since the release of 2002’s Eve-Olution, the 33-year-old rapper is ready to burst back into the scene with her fourth studio album Lip Lock due out early next year. Produced “Whip My Hair” hit-maker JukeBox, “She Bad Bad” is an electro infused urban jam with a hard-hitting chanting beat filled with verses about her re-entry into the game. Whether Eve is still a force to be reckoned with is debatable. The track isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. Kind of hoping this is just a buzz single. What do you guys think?

BUY Eve’s new single “She Bad Bad” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Colin

    I find it highly annoying when people diss the musicians that paved way for the over produced trafficked ‘artists’ that consist in todays music. What is with it! seriously all music is about lately is sex and having a particular look and sound. Eve is a classic always will be, agreed it is not her best but calling her a bitch etc is slightly off the mark. The woman actually has talent and doesn’t just sing about ‘starships flying?!’ or repeating the same lyric over and over. Music is a dying art, bring forward the best. Although I have to say Christina, Eve, No Doubt and a few others have came at a perfect time. These kids need a wake up call!!

  2. Viola

    Eve is a Queen, a Queen of Futility. No offence to her loyal subjects but I believe that she has lost it! She used to be the Queen of Rap with Lil Kim but I can honestly say that she has really let herself down with this song! She’s rapping the truth, Eve is “Bad Bad” – and not in the good way. Time to step down from the throne and let the new ruler of rap Queen Azealia Banks take control.

    1. DANNY

      Um are you that 10 yr old that was commenting on Christina Aguilera’s page?? Talking about queens?? Wtf is wrong with you? Are you mentally retarded or something?

      1. Davide

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