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Adele: ‘Skyfall’ Single Premiere!

Check out your first listen of the full version of Adele‘s new single “Skyfall,” the official theme song to the upcoming James Bond film of the same name! Co-written with and produced by her 21 collaborator Paul Epworth, “Skyfall” is a haunting, dark, and seductive ballad featuring a 77-piece orchestra which was arranged by Epworth and Emmy-nominated film and TV composer J.A.C. Redford. It’s an epic song that definitely sounds like a timeless Bond classic – Adele sounds like she is in her absolute element. Easily the best Bond theme in years! This woman clearly can not do anything wrong. What do you guys think?

BUY Adele’s new single “Skyfall” the theme song for James Bond on iTunes NOW!




  1. OMG I THINK THIS IS SOOOOO AMAZING!! I Simply LOVE this woman her voice is PERFECTION!

  2. I fell in love with this amazing song, thumbs up for Adele.

  3. I kinda like it!

  4. Nothing ever beats Golden Eye! Not bad..

  5. A perfect theme for the the new Bond movie. And Adele and orchestra are perfect fit!!!

  6. what happened to that music break she was gonna take.. i was kinda looking forward to that

  7. not a fan of the song. disappointed.

  8. Link is dead


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