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Taylor Swift: ‘Red’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Taylor Swift‘s brand-new track “Red“! The song is the second promotional single released as part of the iTunes countdown for her fourth studio album, Red, due for release on October 22. Written and composed by herself, “Red” sees Taylor paint the picture of a failed relationship with it’s vivid lyrics and stronger than usual vocals. The title track may not be an official single yet but the crossover and hit potential is inevitable. Taylor is doing everything right. What do you guys think?

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  • Tay

    Will there ever be a Taylor Swift song that has nothing to do with relationships? OVER IT, OVER HER. Try something new for a change.

    • Landon

      @Tay: Have you heard Mean or Ronan? Yes, most of her songs are about her past relationships, but a lot of artists’ music is about love and love lost.

      She releases music she likes and all her songs and albums are best sellers, so why fix something that’s not broken?

      • A

        Whats wrong with fixing something that’s not broken is that it inevitably becomes stale. If you can’t be progressive or creative as an artist your share of the market will drop. It’s just a matter of time. Innovators make change and stick around. Adding auto tune is not innovative. She’s an adult singing about childish crap. Her shtick is old.

    • DDB

      What should she be singing about? Going to the club and partying and drinking? That’s not who she is. Besides, 95% of popular music is about love and relationships. It’s ridiculous to hate on her just because that’s the one aspect of her music that’s been overly publicized.

      • mike

        I personally don’t like serious music, about politics, heavy issues, or overly angsty music, I can appreciate their messages, but I prefer to zone out when listening to music, Her singles are about love, but she does have a few tracks about friends, family, growing up, etc.

    • M

      Kinda feel the same… I thought her fearless album was definitely grammy worthy, but it kinda went down from there. That being said, Speak now is my favorite album to listen to but I wish she could recapture the magic between music, lyrics, and production that was on every track off fearless. Thus far, none of the red tracks have that. (but I do love the offerings so far, they’re fun) I think if she wrote with her older adult self singing these songs in mind, she would produce amazing music.

  • Meri Amber

    This is a lovely song with a great groove, it’s a lot more poppy, maybe because of the effects (re-e-e-ed?), but I don’t think it takes away from it at all. Go pop!

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