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Little Mix: ‘DNA’ Single Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Little Mix‘s new single “DNA“! The British girl group debuted the track on the Nik Grimshaw Show on BBC Radio 1 earlier this morning. “DNA” is the official follow-up to their #1 hit “Wings” and serves as the second single off their debut album of the same title, due out on November 19 in the UK. “DNA” is another strong pop release from the girls with it’s massive chorus, modern production, and tight harmonies. Those of you who weren’t really feeling “Wings” should find yourselves warming up to “DNA” much quicker. Impressive, unexpected, and heavenly. “DNA” should easily be another hit for the X Factor winners, it’s a smash. What do you guys think?

Little Mix will release their new single “DNA” in the UK on November 11!


  • Idolized

    This is insane!!! Reminds me of “ET” by Katy perry. In a god way. I think there harmonies are pretty amazing for a pop group. I heard a rumor that Simon took a wack at creating an American version of little mix. A girl group of the pop mix for the new season of xfactor 2. I hope that they live up to the high standards these girls cooked up!

  • SatsFan

    i still think the saturdays make more radio friendly music, but they are so under appreciated…but little mix will have it easy this song is good! sounds like et by katy perry

  • Kent

    Wings was much much better. This is pretty average. Wings wasnt mind blowing, but at least it sounded single-worthy. This sounds like Katy Perry’s ET but boring. Losing interest in the album now.

    • Idolized

      I think you should wait for the music video, they have to appeal to everyone. This is a bit more adult then wings was. I am going to wait till the sexy of age music video that will be released.

  • mike

    They rocked their ET performance on the X-factor, this song was inspired from that, don’t mind that it sounds like ET, I would say ET is more radio friendly, but I love the performance value of this song and I hate Jesy’s singing style, that vibrato and cracking (I think it’s called that), she sounded fine on Wings but it totally ruins the second verse for me, she’s better as backing vocals. I would not want to hear her voice live, but it does give a distinct sound to little mix.

  • Down The Pan

    The girls are clearly influenced by Katy Perry, their performance of ET was their favourite on X factor. Nothing new hear they have clearly copied everything from ET even the backing track with a few changes. For some reason these girls don’t gel well. Their voices don’t compliment one another and in a band each person needs to bring something different.

    Little Mix are heading for Little critic approvals

  • Daniel

    Downthepan is obviously disabled so we shall dismiss his invalid opinion.
    This sound nothing like E.T I don’t know where people are getting that from.

    Little Mix are gonna do amazingly well.

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