Rihanna: ‘Diamonds’ Single Premiere!

It’s here! Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s brand-new single “Diamonds“! The track serves as the lead single off her as-of-yet-untitled seventh studio album, due out this November. “Diamonds” was produced by long time collaborators Stargate along with Benny Blanco and was written by Australian singer-songwriter Sia. While many of you were expecting a huge dance anthem, “Diamonds” sees RiRi take her sound to a different place sonically with a near-perfect single at the right time in her career. The song is obviously hugely inspired by Sia and is unlike anything else on the radio right now. I’m FOREVER SLAYED. What do you guys think?

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  1. Kevin

    That Rihanna reign just really won’t let up. Another era from her. #R7 She’s taking notes from a certain King B! :)) Xtina & Riri for the win! 😀

  2. Dope

    Love it, but it should have been released for Sia instead. Would suit her much better. Kudos to Rihanna though, much better than what I had anticipated.

  3. Andrew

    It’s good to see her not doing the same stuff over and over again like the last two albums. Here I never thought she had this deep of an octave during a song! Who knew?! With that said I like it however I think after her massive dance/electro sounding songs this will take a while to get used to. But love it!

  4. mr.bouzou

    Woooohoooo!! She jsut doesn’t disappoint!!! Love it! Very fresh Riri! I agree with @KEVIN: Xtina & Riri for the win!!! 😀 😀

  5. Stacy

    This is terrible. It sounds like a filler song from a debut album from an artist who won’t make it big until their second or third LP. I can’t believe Benny Blanco has his name attached to this. And I expect so much more from a songwriter like Sia. smh

  6. James

    I like it, but it lacks very much. The lyrics sounds like bad unused lyrics from we found love. And the “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” does get on my nerves. Like I said I like it, not love it. It mainly just sounds like a bad rip off of we found love. SIA is a better writer than this.

  7. Mar-Mar

    My thing is this, within a couple of months all u haters will b sing’n this song like ur life depended on it…this track is fire & I’m quite frankly am glad that she didn’t come out with another dance/club/pop track…it was time 2 switch it up & she knew that & that’s y I love me sum RIRI!!!

  8. not here for this

    nawl…this shit is horrid. sia shoulda kept it tbh, cuz rih sounds a damn fool trying to imitate her style. if this is what her album is gonna be like, thanks but no. another flop like most of talk that talk, smh…her downward spiral continues.

  9. cruz

    I don’t quite get it yet. Maybe a few listens and it will make sense to me. Is she singing with a weird accent or is it just me? It isn’t her normal bajan accent.

  10. Mike

    Holy crap isn’t she still releasing singles from her previous album. Aiyah, I like her music but she should chill out, an album and tour every year since 2005, or she’s gonna crash and meltdown, I hope she doesn’t.

  11. Rhys Williams

    Personally I love this song. It’s quite different from her other previous songs and it really works for her. I see this getting high on the charts, not sure if number one but definitely good chartings. Then again, it’s already #1 in 15 countries according to her Facebook page.

  12. dozbind

    amaaaaaazing song i love rihanna and i don’t think sia will sing that song like rihanna will do and who’s sia !!!? and kesha stop comparing legendary people with trashy ones

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