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No Doubt: ‘Push and Shove’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of No Doubt‘s latest video for “Push and Shove” featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal! The Diplo-produced track serves as a promotional single off their new album of the same title, available in stores today. The black and white visual sees Gwen and her band members wilding out and having fun, which is very reminiscent of their videos for classic hits like “Trapped In A Box” and “Just A Girl.” While I normally wouldn’t be into such a simplistic visual, No Doubt are always such a blast and I can stare at Gwen do anything for hours. What do you guys think?

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  • mr.bouzou

    As much as I like the song, the video is just so disappointing, it almost feel like 5 minutes of torture… 🙁 …however Gwen looks great, again!

  • idolized101

    I agree with @Mr.BOUZOU (!!!)

    this feels like a conversation that went like this:
    Music company: Hey No Doubt remember when you made that one black and white video that was awesome? well great news Black & white is popular now because “P!NK” did it in her last video. How do you feel about making a boring video that no-1 will remember?

    No Doubt: you know what P!NK did it so why not. Shes my home girl. Out with originality in with same stuff different artist!

    I hope you all enjoyed.
    P.S I love the new No Doubt Album just can’t see to love the new NO Doubt.

  • cruz

    This song is so sick and they are having so much fun in the video I don’t even care that it’s pretty much the same thing the whole time. I couldn’t look away and help but smile, they are the coolest end of story.

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