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Nelly Furtado: ‘Parking Lot’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Nelly Furtado‘s latest video for “Parking Lot“! The track serves as the third official single off her new album The Spirit Indestructible, available in stores today. Directed by Ray Kay, the clip sees the flawless Canadian diva round up a group of her stylish gal pals for a party in a parking lot full of customized Mini Coopers. “Parking Lot” is easily my favorite video to come out of The Spirit Indestructible era and the sleek video editing really worked out in its favor. What do you guys think? Be sure to pick up her new album!

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  1. Best video she has released in years!!

  2. The video is visually the best yet. The song however, is just crap. The simple lyrics, the talk-sing (if that’s what its called), and the basic melody is not a single worthy. I’m very disappointed with the direction of this album.

  3. OMG This is so a M.I.A. rip off… What happened to you Nelly :sigh

  4. SHE STILL CAN’T SING, great video though.

  5. I luve this song so much & the video is so crazy great job Nelly, Thanks.

  6. Love the effects, great video.

  7. Wow! she’s back with this catchy new song…I love it!
    I’ve been checking out Indie music too and this one I found inspirational:

  8. Surprisingly, I actually thought her performance on Live with Kelly sounded so much better…

  9. sounds a lot like MIA

    Im not convinced yet

  10. Subtitles (English and Portuguese) available in:

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