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Leona Lewis: ‘Trouble’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Leona Lewis‘ latest video for “Trouble“! The track serves as the official lead single off her third studio album, Glassheart, due out October 15 in the UK. Directed by Raul B. Fernandez, the clip sees Leona‘s relationship takes a turn for the worse after she sees her boyfriend, played by Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes, flirting with another girl during a night out. Tension escalates and things get a bit dramatic, just the way I like them. “Trouble” has really grown on me over the past couple of weeks and I’m really hoping it becomes another hit for her. What do you guys think?

Leona Lewis will release her new single “Trouble” in the UK on October 7!


  • Federic

    I’m a huge fan of Leona, and this song has grown on me since the first listen. Not sure why she decided not to put Childish’s rap into the video, which will definitely attract more viewers and fans in the USA. Such a shame. If she wants this to be another #! for her, I think she needs to release a very good remix version as a club banger. I love the original version, the chorus is great, the verse is quite weak, but the bridge is so much better with Childish’s rap on it.

  • Topher

    I like the song WAAAAY better without Childish Gambino. He is actually what killed the song for me when I first heard it. I honestly don’t like when ballads include a rapper. It’s unnecessary. It’s like putting water in cereal.

  • Topher

    My question is this: If it’s going to be released in the UK on Oct. 15, how can we Americans get ahold of it? I mean, she does have American fans too!!!

  • Cody

    I’m really unhappy with this song all together. If collide will be featured on the album it doesn’t sound as cohesive as her other efforts. I am do confused with her direction. It may chart in the UK but not here in the states. Maybe she will do separate releases…

    🙁 I love Leona. Her voice actually sounds similiar to Agnes.

  • carly

    You can really tell Emily Sandè wrote the song. I absolutely love it. Leona sometimes goes a little over the top with her voice, but not in this song. The video is great!

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