Giveaway: The Saturdays at XL Nightclub (9.13)

It’s all go go go in The Saturdays world right now. The girls flew from LA to New York over the weekend and are currently getting ready to make their east coast debut on Thursday (September 13) at XL Nightclub in New York City. In October, the girls landed a major U.S deal and since the girls have slowly been preparing their official stateside takeover which includes a reality show on E! Entertainment and a new record label. In celebration of their arrival, we are picking 10 lucky fans to attend the event for FREE with a friend. The girls will be performing their brand-new single titled “What About Us” and E! will be in the house taping for their upcoming show. The live performance begins at 11PM and there will be an Open Bar from 10pm – 11pm. Can’t wait to see you all! Find out how to enter below.

How To Enter:
Comment below with your full name, email, and favorite Saturdays’ song (include why).
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-Winners will be announced on Wednesday (September 12)!-
Full Event Details: HERE


  • Nathan

    my favorite song is Missing you from the saturdays because it’s the first song ever that i’ve heard of them ! since then i have been loyal fan of the, even people say that their previous album sucked ! other song that i love are “move on u”, ” say OK” and “up” !!!

  • Ricky

    I’ll be going there! Got a birthday list so I’m good with admission haha. But yay I cant wait. Legit so excited. All Fired Up gives me life. See you there maybe!

  • Darrick Chan

    Favorite Saturdays song is Faster from On Your Radar! The production is perfect on that track – so clean. I think if it was a single it could have been really successful. Furthermore, they all sounds incredible on the track (and they all get lines in this one). When Una (my favorite Saturday) sings her line in the bridge, and when she goes ‘Baby you make my heart beat!’ at the end, it hits a really sweet spot.

  • Christian

    “Not Good Enough” because of the VOCALS, harmonies, and the fact that it’s sitting at #1 on my “Top 25 Most Played” Playlist in iTunes 😛

  • Jeremy Cabalona


    My favorite song is My Heart Takes Over because, even though it was kind of a flop, it is the best song to get completely invested in and belt out as loudly as you can. Plus, they shot the video in freaking ICELAND.

  • Julian Donahue

    Though I confess that I have listened to little else but their debut, my favorite song of theirs is “Chasing Lights.” It is deceptively simple in its composition. A few guitar strums and odd beeps here and there and that’s about it but, what is great about the song is not its instrumentation, it is its lyrics, its meaning. I used to listen to this song, and still do, when I know that I need to say no but can’t. It helps give me an extra push and keeps me from chasing lights, an impossible task. (All Fired Up is a close second, just because :D)

  • Robert Espinoza

    Love these girls! They’ve been together for years now, and have been releasing nothing but great-sounding music.
    “Higher” is definitely my favorite. The version without Flo Rida. Ha!
    The song gives empowerment to those that just want to break out and feel free! Jump up and down, with your hands in the air…like you just don’t care! 🙂

  • Michael Barnes

    Recently returned to the States after a few year stint in the UK. The Saturdays were included in so many memories. If I had to choose one, ‘All Fired Up’ is my favourite tune and brings back so many of those amazing times. Sums up all the good times we had bopping about the gay village in Manchester! The Saturdays will always hold a special place in my memories 🙂 x

  • Aureole Cruz

    With all the great songs that they have it’s hard to choose a favorite; however, if there’s one song of theirs that always seems to get me moving it’s “Lose Control.” It’s one of those songs that when you listen to it makes you feel like a teenager (if you’re in your 20s you’ll know what I mean), flirtatious and hopeful about finding love. Because after all, they’re all great feelings, don’t you agree? 😉

  • eric chen

    My favorite song would have to be My Heart Takes Over because it reminds me that no matter how much you like someone, at the end of the day, you have to follow whats true to your heart.

  • Ryan

    Higher – It was the first Saturdays song I had ever heard back in 2010 and was instantly addicted to all their music. Higher is the perfect British pop song and one of the best pure pop songs of the new decade.

  • Douglas Cameron

    My favorite Saturdays song is Died In Your Eyes from “Headlines”. I am in love with this song, because they convey so much emotion on the vocals and the lyrics are 100% accurate regarding a bad break-up. This song showcases a softer, less radio-friendly, and more evolved sound that can be overshadowed by the huge production we see on songs such as “Work”, “Ego”, and “Set Me Off”. Rather than being too busy, or too slow, this song is the perfection fusion of the trademark Saturdays sound with a newfound vulnerability. The combination is well-delivered and perfectly time. A close second would be “Here Standing” and it would be tied with “Lies”, all of which are in the same vein as “Died in Your Eyes”. I have been in love with this phenomenal group of women since 2008 when they released “If This Is Love”, before slaying me with “Set Me Off”.

  • Kelsey Fink

    Def has to be Ego because it’s the most empowering and heel-stompin song evaaa. And they looked mega fierce in the video. Who doesn’t love hot bitches dressed up in tight spandex as super heroes? WERK!

  • Lamont Cedric Jones

    FASTER!!! Is by far my best song from them. The message of the song is about me whenever I go boy crazy! 😉 I play this song for all my girlfriends, and they simply just love it. The beat has our hearts racing, bodies dancing, and we sing out loud with glee.

    Thanks Sat’s! Thanks Jon Ali!


  • Divya Flowers

    I live for “Notorious”, I performed it in Drag for a Monthly Test and I won. The first time I heard it it made me feel so alive and sexy.

  • Kyle Ruppert

    I would LOVE to go to see The Saturdays at XL! I was visiting Europe for the first time last summer and heard The Saturdays on a website my friend and I were checking out to see which clubs were good in the area. We visited London, Paris and Berlin and then back to London. We heard the song Higher (7th Heaven Club Mix) on our first night and blasted it on our phones throughout the entire trip. So, this song has become one of my top 10 favorites and makes me remember all of the fun I had in Europe every time I hear it. I would love to relive all of those fun times by seeing The Saturdays live! =)

  • Melvyn

    I’m excited for them to finally break the US market. A fantasy album for me would be…


    1) All Fired Up
    2) Set Me Off
    3) Higher
    4) Ego
    5) Notorious
    6) Up
    7) Ladykiller
    8) 30 Days
    9) Missing You
    10) Work
    11) Turn Myself In
    12) Open Up
    13) Faster
    14) My Heart Takes Over

    15) If This Is Love
    16) Move On U
    17) Not That Kinda Girl
    18) Forever Is Over
    19) Here Standing

    What do you guys think?

  • Max Markham

    Forever is Over is my all time favourite song — I listened to it non-stop when I was in Paris and it brings back some of the most vivid memories of the cities and the time period. And the girls vocally sound great on it. Departure from their usual fun mid/uptempo pop songs. Excited to see them at XL!! 🙂

  • Eddie Torres

    Omg I didn’t even know they were coming over here officially!!! I’m pretty sure everyone is dying to see them but it would be UNBELIEVABLY awesome if I got on the list.

    This one is random but I seriously love Work. Obviously I love and listen to all the tracks but Work just gets me in the mood at the gym and to get ready for an evening. The single itself desrved a higher chart placing but then again so did most of their singles. #dreambig

    Notable Mentions: All Fired Up and Notorious

  • Rob Willoughby

    “30 Days” isn’t their best by any means, but it was released whilst my boyfriend was in Australia and whilst I was living in Paris. The lyrics aren’t mind-blowing, but I could completely relate to the sentiment of longing which is certainly universal and therefore an effective piece of song-writing.

  • Ethan Hort

    Ethan Hört

    “My Heart Takes Over” will always have a special place in my heart. I got into a relationship in June of 2012. We spent everyday together. Sadly I was going to study abroad in London with NYU once September began. We thought it was just going to be a summer fling. Luckily once I landed in the UK this was one of the first songs I heard. Immediately I registered that ending the relationship was totally wrong and then shared the song. Safe to say we are still together to this day after 14 months 🙂

  • Brandon Thompson

    My all time favorite Saturdays song happens to be “Issues” from their album “Chasing Lights”. It’s the perfect song for someone confused in a relationship whether to break up or stay in the relationship because their heart simply has issues. The chorus and hook is very catchy, and the beat is a beautiful melody composed of strummed guitar chords and other beautiful sounds that seduce the listener’s ears. The Saturdays execute this song very well at every performance, and the video that matches the track highlights their natural beauty and the meaning of the song. This song is the perfect remedy for any lover going through a dilemma in a relationship, a fresh breakup, or even the basic motions of any new relationship. “Issues” is a song that can stay on repeat and any listener can relate to it because we’ve all had issues throughout our lives in our relationships.

  • Michael Bernardini

    Michael Bernardini

    “Turn Myself In” because I whenever I sing it, I pretend to stand by the bar at a table and be a huge whore that completely fucked up at life. Also, it makes Britney’s “Criminal” look like a Disney song.. that fab.

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