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What I’m Listening To: Volume 3 – Get Ready, Get Set

Hey y’all! Okay, so this afternoon while I was having a religious experience listening to Florence + The Machine in the shower I realized that I haven’t worked up another What I’m Listening To post in forever. Volume’s one and two of my brilliant (not so brilliant) feature were both posted last year so I’ve totally been slacking. Luckily for you, I’ve finally found some time to work up Volume 3 as I just finished my third red bull (oops). I’ve decided to appropriately title Volume 3 “Get Ready, Get Set.” Why? Because it’s the title of one of my favorite Saturdays songs and this post is filled with party anthems that are must-haves for anyone getting ready for a night out in town with their favorite sluts/friends. First up is Canadian singer-songwriter Anjulie with her new single “You and I” off her upcoming EP. Produced by EDM hitmaker Benny Benassi, “You and I” is a sweet and infectious disco-infused jam that is a perfect fit for any club night. The track is easily one of Anjulie‘s strongest releases and truly showcases her range as a pop artist who can easily bounce from genre to genre. Pure bliss!

You and I

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This next one is the debut single from Good Luck Charlie star Bridgit Mendler! It should come to no surprise that I’m a sucker for Disney’s young divas and while I’ve never been a big fan of Bridgit, “Ready or Not” is undeniably a total earworm. The song is playful, addictive, and just an insanely catchy pop tune that any rising star would (or at least should) kill for. I look forward to hearing more from Bridgit once she releases her album Hello My Name Is… on October 22. Get into it!

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Last but certainly not least is the debut single from former t.A.T.u. member Julia Volkova. After three solid studio albums with Lena Katina, the two called it quits towards the end of 2010 and Julia quickly jumped into solo territory. “Didn’t Wanna Do It” premiered at the end of July but I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. The track is the very essence of pop trash with its ridiculously slutty lyrics and dirty club beat. This one’s for all of you who like to get shitfaced wasted and make-out with hobos… aka me. Tighten up those wigs ladies, Julia is coming for you. WARNING GAYS: This video contains female nudity.

Didn’t Wanna Do It

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