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Christina Aguilera: ‘Your Body’ (Explicit Version)

Late last month, a “demo” of Christina Aguilera‘s new single “Your Body” unexpectedly leaked. Last night, A more polished and explicit version of the Max Martin-produced track made its way online. Rumors state that its actually the high quality demo and not the official version of the song. However, this is probably very close to what the final version will end up sounding like. With the 3-night premiere of The Voice starting Monday, we should be hearing the official version of “Your Body” very soon. Until then, enjoy what will most likely be Christina‘s next big hit!

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  1. She couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m fucking thirsty for new SOLID and UNIQUE material. <3

  2. Legendtina is the best. I feel think this is a great single hot + sexy. Now I hate to be this person. But if she could just get her weight under control we would want to F*ck her body!

  3. Awesome…nice come back!

  4. Xtina is back! Absolutely LOVE this!

  5. Max Martin can do no wrong. Sounds huge, great comeback single.

  6. So much better than Not Myself Tonight. The whole Bionic album just sounded like she was trying too hard. It wasnt terrible, just not her best.
    I hope this isnt the final album version. I feel like the energy could be amped up a little more than this. Still, an amazing track.

  7. amazing like always!

  8. I’m not a prude by any means, but “All I wanna do is fuck your body”? really? What happened to class (or innuendos for that matter)?

  9. She is so desperate

  10. Can’t get enough of this song!

  11. Surely a massive hit!!! Awesome comeback single! *repeat*

  12. […] da Max Martin. Appena diffusa in rete un’anteprima del nuovo singolo intitolato “Your Body” sembra molto vicina alla versione finale. Sarà il ritorno di Christina sulle vette delle […]

  13. I’m obsessed with this song since the first demo leaked!!! On repeat!!! …and I’m so happy this song is so good cuz I’m a huge Xtina fan, for me she’s nr.1!!! 🙂

  14. love love love love love it!!!!!!

  15. Love Her, Legendtina is finally back!!

  16. Great comeback single! All I want to do is “F%$k Your Body” Ohhhhh ohhhhhh.. Love it

  17. It’s a really nice song but I agree with someone’s comment “F#*K” your body, honestly?

  18. This song is fire!

  19. TRASH! She just lost a fan…

    1. If this made you decide you were no longer a fan, then you were clearly never a fan to begin with. YOU are the trash. She doesn’t need you.

  20. ^^ Agreed! This just reeks of desperation – how to gain airplay and attention? Put out a crude song. Totally lacking in class. Congrats Christina – you just won the race to the bottom! What an achievement…

    1. That’s funny because the “crude” version was never released. Crude is you downloading her music illegaly then complaining about it. Seruously, you can’t get mad at a leaked song, you weren’t supposed to hear it in the first place. If you don’t like it, delete it, delete this comment while you’re at it.

  21. hot song!! i miss christina and im excited for new music. cant wait to hear the final version!

  22. thanks for posting! I’ll give this song a listen a little bit later.

  23. oh please its like Cee-Lo green did with his “forget you” while in Europe they played his “F¤#” You”
    of course she’s gonna play a clean version for the US radio which probably gonna be “love your body” or something.

    I love this song. A new born fan!

  24. it cool that all .. but i wouldn’t listen to it over and over

  25. LOVE this song! I’ve been a die hard fan since day 1 and she is my Queen. Can’t wait for it to hit the radio.

  26. This is supposed to be her new hype single. It’s scandalous and she’s resorting to scandals now to get sales. She doesn’t need to because she’s got an amazing voice and is a great performer. The thing is that she has put out tasteful music in the past but what gets more attention? Those tasteful songs or songs like dirty and this song that are more explicit. I wish it was more of a teasing kind of song instead of her saying how she just wants to fuck your body :/

  27. Her best song in a long time for sure. But lyrically, this isn’t artistic, empowering, progressive or whatever bullshit she’s gonna try to say it is. You have a son, grow up and stop being such a slut.

  28. I don’t think people understand how the record industry works. Of course after her last album Christina is not going to release an extremely meaningful and heartfelt song as a lead single. She is going to release something fun and catchy that is not necessarily original but WILL SELL. That is the main goal with this album. And the comment about her being a slut, I’m not even going to start with that one.

  29. hah you just did. Looks like all you want to do is fuck my mind.

  30. where can i download this!?

  31. I like what I’m hearing, but I don’t like what I’m hearing. Get it?

  32. she got me horny duh !!! love that !!!

  33. Love it! 🙂

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