OneRepublic: ‘Feel Again’

Earlier this month, OneRepublic hit the stage at Good Morning America and preformed their new single “Feel Again” for the first time as part of ABC’s Summer Concert Series. Now the band have unveiled the official album version of the song in its full finalized glory. The track is a uplifting hand-clap heavy jam with a sparkling chorus and rich vocals from lead singer, Ryan Tedder. OneRepublic always manage to deliver, they keep their new music fresh while always presenting a sound that is undeniable their own. I look forward to their new album. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

OneRepublic will release their new single “Feel Again” on Monday (August 27)!

Feel Again


  1. Ryan

    I thin you uploaded Ellie Goulding’s song instead of One Republic’s least that’s what it’s doing to me

    1. Post
  2. Jon

    is everyone insane? it doesn’t sound a THING like dog days are over- this song has ‘clapping’ in it, God forbid, apparently Florence owns ‘clapping’. i listened to both songs back to back and they couldn’t be more different- people- clean out your ears and listen to the full song- the melody, tempo, chords, lyrics are all 100% diff. only thing is the 1R guys are clapping. like 100 other acts. I hate how any artist that releases something new- immediately all anyone wants to do is say who they stole it from- it’s insane.
    this song rocks btw

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