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Mariah Carey: ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Mariah Carey‘s latest video for “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill! The track serves as the lead single off her fourteenth studio album, due out early next year. Directed by her husband Nick Cannon, the videos sees Meek Mill playing a boxer and duking it out in the ring with his opponent while Mariah, DJ Khaled, and Ross cheer from the sidelines. While the video isn’t horrible, I don’t think it’s going to help “Triumphant” move up from its No. 15 debut on Billboard’s Bubbling Under chart. What do you guys think?

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  • Darren

    Mariah looks great in the video! She just needs to re-shoot another one using the vintage throwback mix and it’ll be a hit!

  • Tom

    Hm Jon maybe this song wasn’t released for chart success? Clearly Mariah out this song out for her fans to receive the message and the video is fierce!

  • Anonymous

    She should have never released this song ever!!! This is not a single neither is it a song worthy of being labeled at a Mariah Carey song! She has a wonderful voice with highs and lows but she never shows her full range which is bothersome. Wish 90s Mariah was back she was the one that made songs memorable for certain parts of my life and this could never be one of those. Sorry Mariah I am a Lamb but this is not the MC that I used to know!

    • mr.bouzou

      Have listened to the whole song at all? There’s planty of vocal highs and lows, just they are done in a very sophisticated way in the background, which is kind of her thing in last years… and actually the whole concept is quite smart… it’s something different that we would expect for the big comeback single… it’s true, at first it was strange that featuring artists have bigger part in the song than MC, but if you look at it from different perspective… it builts the expectation through the song to finally get to last part, MC’s part which is no doubt the best part of the song… the song is simply fabolous… and if you hate it, just don’t listen to it, move on and let us who enjoy it, actually enjoy without reading all the hate… :))

  • Solostar1

    Mimi is looking FIERCE!!!She’s absolutely beautiful!!!!The song perfectly matches the video and love the color of the video!!This will smash in your face!!!!

  • mike

    ohh that diva hand and finger waving. lol. I like, not love the remixes, looking foward to what she has next to offer. One of my favorite albums is Emacipaion of mimi, so I quite like this genre, but I also really really liked her butterfly album so hoping for something with a litte bit of both. And she does look great but I think she should cover up just a bit, u know like a vintage one peice bathing suit instead of a ttwo pice.

  • IsmellAtanker

    As much as I love Mimi she needs to stop all this dahling diva palava. Her video is just the same as Obsessed her pouting too much magic hair looks horsey. The video was hideous the worst ever considering how much money she has, it barley focuses on her O.t.t with Gold. She needs to go back and release good meaningful songs, Triumphant shows a few hints of genius but bombs with the overcrowding of raps and too much whistle notes, I know its her signature but this song had powerful lyrics and they get lost

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