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Leona Lewis: ‘Trouble’ Featuring Childish Gambino!

Check out the premiere of Leona Lewis‘ brand-new track “Trouble” featuring Childish Gambino! The track serves as the official second single off her third studio album, Glassheart, due out later this year. Penned by Emeli Sandé and produced by Naughty Boy, “Trouble” is a dark and moody mid-tempo track showcasing exactly where the 27-year-old singer fits best musically. The addition of rapper/actor Childish Gambino would normally annoy me but actually suits the song perfectly and gives it the extra edge that it needs. “Trouble” is very much a Leona song but it’s just different enough to stand out on its own. What do you guys think of “Trouble“?

Leona Lewis will release her new single “Trouble” in the UK on October 7!


  • Mike

    @ANDREA, normally I’d agree but it works so well here that I feel like it almost NEEDS the rapper addition in this. It adds so much to the song and goes perfectly.

    Love this song. The production is so epic. Very haunting and addictive.

  • jO

    Mike, I agree it is hanuting and addictive! It’s dark and edgy, which is something we don’t see from Leonna usually. It’s a nice change! ands yeah the rap actually worked well here

  • SheGotIt

    This song is epic and with her epic live performances will be destined to have the same effect as bleeding love if given the right promotion and you have to take in to account in 2007/08 she did not have as much female competition in the charts with Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, are gearing comebacks in these months Leona may not have the same impact on the charts but if Carly Rae Jepsons shit of a song can anyone can

  • GC

    Leona is killing in this song!!! Takes me right back to her “Bleeding Love” vibe… her voice is one of the best of our generation. And Gambino’s flow is just on point. Dope!!!

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