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Nelly Furtado: ‘Parking Lot’

Over the weekend, Nelly Furtado premiered the studio version of brand-new track “Parking Lot!” A few weeks ago the 33-year-old Canadian singer debuted the song during a live performance on AOL’s Live Sessions and a private showcase in Los Angeles. As we approach the release of her anticipated fourth studio album, The Spirit Indestructible, on September 18, Nelly has unveiled the official album version of the song in its full finalized glory. Produced by Darkchild, “Parking Lot” sees the singer once again stick to the hard drums and thumping jungle beats that were dominant in the production of “Big Hoops” and “Spirit Indestructible.” While this is definitely my favorite of all three, I can’t help but feel a little let down but the amount of repetition in sound this era. I will always love me some Nelly though. What do you guys think?

Parking Lot


  • Filipe

    am i the only one who thinks this sounds weird? like it was “slowed down”… the performance on the AOL Sessions sounded more “vivid” than this, if ya’ll know what i mean…

  • K-POFF

    Sounds like an MIA rip off/demo that didn’t make the cut. I like the other 2 songs WAYYYY better, at least they don’t sound identical to MIA. =-/ Where’s my MANEATER?!?

  • Topher

    This is the worst I’ve heard of everything she has released so far. I will not be buying her new album. Go back into the studio and try again, Nelly.

  • Pat

    When I heard the AOL session I was so excited for this song… it was bound to be the best and then the studio version came out…. Sounds to me like she’s talking through out the song and I can’t stand the double vocals. I prefer the live version over this. Very disappointed, I had hop for this new album but not so much anymore 🙁

  • eric

    OH NO! What happened?!?! The AOL Sessions one was amazing, and I was soooo excited to hear the studio version when you posted it. This is awful! 🙁

  • Sean

    This is the FINAL STRAWW!

    Darkchild must be stopped. This is total crap. These songs are all fantastic live. And pitiful in the album versions. Goes to show how much shitty production can effect the listenability of a song.

    Depressing. Especially because I am a Nelly Furtado fan.

  • WhoaNelly

    Horrible!! Sooooo disappointing!!! She’s been such a great artist in the past, and I’ve always been a fan. But these are just sad. 🙁 She needs to go back to her roots.

  • SCC

    I agree with the above posts. The album versions of this song and “big hoops” have great potential but both are just too damn slow. Both sound like the words are being intentionally played at almost half time and it’s annoying. I do love the words to both songs they are definitely fun & catchy. I really wish the “Big Hoops (Wideboys Radio Edit)” was the album version, because these songs need to be much faster like that. The Wideboys Radio Edit of “Big Hoops” is still my summer jam, I love it! I hope wideboys can do a remix with this song too!!!!!

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