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Melanie Amaro: ‘Love Me Now’

Check out Melanie Amaro‘s brand-new track “Love Me Now!” The track is the second promotional single taken from her debut studio album that’s scheduled for release later this year. Lead single “Don’t Fail Me Now” premiered two weeks ago to mixed reviews, but the X Factor winner seems to be getting a much better reaction this time around. “Love Me Now” is a power ballad that fully showcases the power in Melanie‘s vocal range on top of a minimalist production. It seems her team is confused as to what they should be releasing. Which do you prefer?

Love Me Now


  • Topher

    I don’t like this either I’m afraid. I hope she’s not one of those artists that I only enjoy when they’re singing covers of other artists’ songs.

  • ?????

    They should make her the female Usher, a great R&B sensibility but be able to power sing over a club banger. I think her cover of Respect (not just the fact that its a cover but the instrumentation) is her best song released thus far.

  • Ike

    Damn. Not enjoying this either. Both songs so far have an annoying quality to them that makes me remember them for all the wrong reasons.

  • Charles

    Like the song on first listen, but do not think im a fan…its just okay, nothing special, and no flow…I liked the first song more, love the dance tracks…

  • Michael Fierce

    Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins really messed up on, “Don’t Fail Me Now.” He is like the Abby-Lee of Dance Moms. He always gives his mediocre work to new and upcoming artists because he knows they won’t sell as well as some of his popular clients, Justin Bieber. “Don’t Fail Me Now” has no dance break… It’s like he set’s us up for a great dance track and then never follows through with it. Jerkins had similar upsets with Brandy’s album which never sold well either. Melanie has amazing vocals, but Jerkins isn’t consistent with his clients. He creates solid tracks like “When I Grow Up”(PCD) and “Telephone”(Lady Gaga), but his other artists he flops.

    “Love Me Now,” reminds me of a solid Mary J. Blige track that hit’s R&B radio. Soundz, the Virgin Island producer, uses percussion and drum kicks in the beat which compliments her strong vocals. I still don’t think this song serves her justice, but gives the listeners a refreshing compromise.

    “Respect,” originally hit the air in 1967, shows audiences that Melanie can make Aretha Franklin feel like a club house goddess! This cover produced by Stargate has credits like “S&M” (RiRi) and “Firework” (Katy Perry), but I’m not sure I want to hear another version of Robyn’s, “Show Me Love,” pouncing through my computer speakers at home.

  • mike

    I think she would sound good if she tries a leona lewis debut sound. I don’t really like anything about her other than her voice and it’s not even something too special, sounds like any other power house vocal. I think her team is trying to appeal a wide audience but this song sucks.

  • Eric

    I definitely love a good ballad but nowadays it’s all about upbeat, club music/dubstep. which is sad because people like Melanie with actual vocal talent can’t really shine

  • Isaiah Matthew Stevens

    This song is amazing and is now on repeat. It is too bad though, that they couldn’t find her a “Bleeding Love” type song to introduce her to the world in epic fashion. However, this song is great, really addictive. I’m very excited for Melanie’s career and all the great vocals we will hopefully hear from her. Great job Melanie and kudos to the songwriter.

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