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Brandy: ‘Put It Down’ Featuring Chris Brown!

Check out the premiere of Brandy‘s latest video for “Put It Down‘ featuring Chris Brown! The track serves as the first official single from her sixth studio album and RCA/Chameleon Records debut Two Eleven, due out October 2. Directed by Hype Williams, the R&B veteran rocks her signature Moesha braids and cozies up to her co-star in front of a white Ferrari in the colorful clip featuring choreographer by Frank Gatson. While I’m still not to happy about the Chris Brown feature, I can’t deny I think the song is a total jam. Two Eleven will include contributions from Sean Garrett, Bangladesh, Rico Love, Frank Ocean, and much more. What do you guys think?

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  • UltimateBollywoodDivas

    Brandy looks awkward as hell in the video. She should not try to do sexy. “If you ain’t got it, don’t flaunt it”. The song is wacked out. Her stuff in the 90s + 00s was ahead of it’s time and so fresh. This is nowhere near that standard. Video reminds me of Kelly Rowland’s Motivation. The only good thing is that she looks amazingly pretty đŸ™‚ Well even though I don’t like it, I hope it’s a hit as she deserves more success than she had when she used to be good!

  • Ralna

    Okay, I liked the song… when I heard it though, I IMMEDIATELY thought of Kelly Rowland. I think this song would have been great had Kelly and Trey Songz done it. I had NOT seen the video until now and it’s a total rip off of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” scene in the alley and Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” video with all the guys along the wall. I am not impressed by this, she says she doesn’t want to be compared to anyone else, yet every time Brandy tries to “reinvent” herself, she just ends up impersonating someone.

    • Ralna

      She also does a LOT of choreography from Beyonce’s “Check Up On It” video. I know these videos are old, but fans of the artist being replicated will notice instantly and not appreciate it.

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