Ellie Goulding: ‘Anything Could Happen’ Single Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Ellie Goulding‘s brand-new single “Anything Could Happen!” The 25-year-old English singer-songwriter called into Fearne Cotton‘s morning show on Radio 1 moments ago to debut the track live. The Jim Elliot-produced track will serve as the lead single off her sophomore album Halcyon, due out October 9. “Anything Could Happen” alternates between sweet electronica and massive bright explosions of drums and glorious synth. It’s definitely one of the most upbeat and uplifting records Ellie has put out and even after one listen I’ve already become pretty addicted. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

Ellie Goulding will release her new single “Anything Could Happen” on September 30th!

Anything Could Happen


  1. CG Girl

    *Sigh*….No where as good as her first album. I don’t connect with any of her new songs and the mix is not pleasant. I just hear a high squeaky voice with a lot of dancey beats. So disappointing.


    I think she did a good job. I love that the song does not fall in to the typical pop-ish genre. Something new and something refreshing!!

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