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Parade: ‘Light Me Up’

British girl group Parade did not have a successful debut by any means. While their lead single “Louder” managed to crack the Top 10 in the UK last year, the follow-up, “Perfume,” peaked at #38, and their debut album flopped rather hard at #171 on the album chart. As soon as I started forgetting who they were, Parade are back with very solid new comeback single, “Light Me Up!” Produced by Tim Powell (Xenomania), “Light Me Up” is an uptempo breezy pop number filled with subtle dubstep, kicky drum ‘n’ bass, and one hell of an addictive hook. The track is much more promising than anything included on their self-titled debut. Congrats girls, you’ve got a hit!

Download Parade’s new single “Light Me Up” for FREE here!

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  • Warren

    Louder was one of those songs at a first listen it was meh, but boy it caught on fast. Perfume was a mistake, however, this new track… Welcome back ladies.

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