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The Veronicas Finally Return with ‘Lolita’!

Australian twin sisters known as The Veronicas are finally back with their massive new single “Lolita!” After almost five years since their 2007 sophomore album Hook Me Up, the Aussie duo are ready to burst back into the scene with their third studio album Life on Mars due out later this year. Produced by Toby Gad, who previously worked with the girls on their smash single “Untouched,” “Lolita” is a dark and heavy dance track with a throbbing bass line and infectious hook. The track is in the same vein as some of their earlier work just a little more mysterious and provoking. I’m absolutely in love with it! What do you guys think?


  • jO

    The chorus is really catchy, but the throbbing bass parts with no lyrics are a bit predictable for this day and age. It’s got too much synth for a Veronicas song. Still its okay

  • Joshua

    The intro is a blatant rip of “Lights” by Elle Goulding, but overall the track is pretty hot. The beat drop is a bit different than the usual beat drop, so that’s a definite positive here.

  • Allen Williams

    Really don’t get what they’re doing. Sounds like a generic mashup of “Lights” and the DI dubstep hit-o-the-month with over-processed vocals. These women are damned talented musically and vocally, and on their lead single from a record five years in the making they play second fiddle to a drum machine and Zoom box?? The hook is forced, the melody is non-existent, and the chorus is hacked up by the octave vocal. Love The Veronicas and the great work they do in a BAND setting. I know the state of radio is awful and (good) bands do not get airplay, but I still can’t condone putting out a record of generic dance tracks with the chops that these two have.

  • jonathan

    Really good, I like the dark feel and it has a very catchy chorus.

    However that is definitely Ellie Goulding’s Lights intro at the the beginning lol.

  • Justin C

    I really like it. I’m super stoked about them making a new album.

    I agree with most so far, the song defiantly takes from Ellie G’s “Lights.”

    This track sends me some Natalia Kills type vibes.

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