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Rita Ora: ‘Roc the Life’ Single Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rita Ora‘s latest track “Roc the Life!” The track serves as a promotional single off her debut album, ORA, due August 27 in the U.K. The 21-year-old British singer-songwriter has really come a long way in just a few months. Lead single “R.I.P.” managed to debut at #1 on the UK Singles Chart and stateside single “How We Do (Party)” is slowing climbing up the charts currently #62 on the Billboard Hot 100. Produced by The-Dream, “Roc the Life” is an empowering pop anthem with some throwback influence and quite possibly her strongest offering yet. What do you guys think?

Roc the Life


  • CG Girl

    Average nice voice but very overrated. All her songs have been average pop r&b songs. She seems to do better being a live performer.

  • Kevin

    I love Rita Ora. I really love her but she always reminds me of Rihanna. 🙁 Anyways, i don’t care! I love both of them! Rita-Riri collab PLEASE!!

  • Sean

    She has a big voice. I don’t understand why they’re confining it to songs obviously written for Rihanna’s range. I would bet every song we’ve heard from this album was penned for Rihanna. The song is catchy, but she deserves some material that actually highlights her voice.

  • mike

    this is definitely a mix of umbrella/breakin’ dishes but very Rihannaesque and Good Girl Gone Bad era – but I’m nottt hating it!

  • Oliver

    To be honest, I really don’t get why she’s getting so much hype lately..
    I thought the song she did with that DJ, Hot Right Now, was ok..
    But her own singles have been really boring.. This song is slightly better, but I still don’t think it’s anything special.. Hmm.

  • JunJun

    i personally LOVED How We Do (Party and Bullsh*t), and this song is pretty good. unfortunately, i do agree that she seems to be coming off as Rihanna copy, and i’m sure that’s her record label/management’s idea/decision. i mean when rihanna had her blonde hair, they def. looked VERY similar. and all their songs are interchangeable like each girl could sing and release each other’s songs.

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