Havana Brown: ‘When the Lights Go Out’ EP

Australian DJ Havana Brown is lighting up clubs all over the U.S. with her debut single as a solo artist, “We Run the Night,” featuring Pitbull, which currently remains in the Top 40 on the Billboard 100. This week, the 27-year-old songstress has released her debut EP When the Lights Go Out and I can’t get enough of it. From start to finish you’re treated to a set of fantastic electronic-pop anthems filled with infectious pounding bass lines, addictive hooks, and beat drops for days. I could not rave about it enough, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a production team that includes R3hab, Richard Vission, Bilal Hajji, and RedOne. If you’re looking for fun club-ready tracks, this EP is for you. Below I’ve included Australian bonus track “Wonderland.” Enjoy!

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  1. Jasmine

    This song’s chorus sounds very similar to La Bouche’s “Be My Lover” (1996) from lyrics to the exact way she sings the chorus. The only part that is different somewhat is the verses which suck.

  2. John M.

    I agree something about this song sounds so familiar to La Bouche – Be My Lover even though it is different. It’s like she used the chorus and vibe of that song to make this.

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