Wynter Gordon: ‘Human Condition: Prt.1 Doleo’

Last month, dance-pop diva Wynter Gordon announced plans to embark on a new project where she will be self-releasing a collection of four FREE EPs called, The Human Condition. On Tuesday, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter dropped Doleo, the first chapter of her Human Condition series. After premiering the absolutely stunning “Stimela” I’ve been awaiting the arrival of Doleo and I’m happy to say it did not disappoint. Known mostly for her flaw free dance-pop, Wynter explores rock, trip-hop, and what she calls “down-south hip hop and Celtic, classical music” that delves into deeper thematic material than the bubbly dance cuts for which she’s best known. Doleo is a gorgeous collection of 8-tracks filled with emotion and confidence from a singer well on her way to the top. Be sure to check it out!

Download Wynter Gordon’s new Human Condition: Prt.1 Doleo EP for FREE here!


  1. cody

    Love this EP, definitely superseded expectations. Such a unique and cool sound that belongs to no one else right now. Hope people catch wind of this cuz it is really cool. Stimela, Waiting, and No Hush are my favorites but all around a solid group of songs.

  2. Jade Doel

    I’m in awe of her ability to just jump in to a new sound a make it feel so natural. I’m liking her more and more every album she releases. Wynter you have a fan in me, can’t wait to hear the next 3 EP’s. xox

  3. CG Girl

    Disappointing. Why fix it, if it isn’t broken? All of the music sounds like sad rock new wave music. Wynter it’s okay to experiment but dance pop music fits your voice best. The songs are not interesting, just slow and sad.

  4. Pip

    This EP is amazing. I wasn’t that into her album (it sounded a little generic), but this EP is already one of the best things I’ve heard this year!!!

    And for some reason, I couldn’t download it from her official site.

  5. Adam

    Waiting Sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack, something like brother bear or tarzan or something like that 🙂 loving the sopund but i do want to hear her mainstream stuff as well

    1. Bobby

      Ha-ha! Yes, I agree. Like a movie that has to do with nature or something…shots of mountains and the river streams and birds flying under the beautiful rays of sun.

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