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Amelia Lily: ‘You Bring Me Joy’ Premiere!

Amelia Lily rose to fame last year after being a finalist on the UK’s X Factor, where she finished in third place. Since then, Amelia has reportedly signed a £500k three-album record deal with Sony subsidiary Xenomania. Her fellow finalist Little Mix, Marcus Collins, and Misha B have all already released their own material and its now Amelia‘s time to shine. Earlier today, Amelia premiered her delicious debut single “You Bring Me Joy” and it has been on constant repeat ever since. The track is an instantly likeable electronic pop record and easily the strongest single from an X Factor contestant this season. I can’t get enough of it. What do you guys think?

Amelia Lily will release her debut single “You Bring Me Joy” in the UK on August 26!


  • Idolized

    Wow. I have to say i never thought she would make a track like this. Hot. Sexy. I hope so pulls out a hot music video. That season of Xfactor brought such great singles. I brought both Misha B’s + Little Mix’s singles to the gay bar and Hands down the Club loves them. Mish B’s against Missy E. And Little Mix played against Destiny’s child – lose my breath amazing!!!! But this track so great lyrics are amazing.

  • Eva

    OMG!! This is definitely one of the best tracks I’ve heard all year. This would be so big in America. Cannot get enough!

  • Mike

    This isn’t the full version I think? It starts and ends quite weird. But damn what a nice track. Second time I hear this track and after the first time it was already stuck in my head. She was also my favorite on the show. Seems like all my fav acts end up third (Amelia Lily, One Direction and Stacey Solomon) lol.

  • sergio

    I`m very disappointed , I was hoping she jump into pop-rock genre with her own personality and style 🙁 as i remember she said she is rock kinda girl , I really want to hear real Amelia not just another hot club radio summer anthem made by super duper record label :/

  • Dennis

    everyone needs to stop being such a wanker WHERE IS THE PUNK ROCK GIRL WHO AUDITIONED? people fucking evolve, and if Amelia Lily WANTS a major POP career she’ll have to mold to what is mainstream.

    this is easily the best single released from this season. i expected Misha b & Little Mix to triumph over the rest. but Amelia Lily always seems to triumph among the rest, as she just did. She brings us Joy!

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