Jon ALi: Dance Summer Playlist ’12 Special on CherryTree Radio All Weekend!

It’s only been a few weeks since I put up my new Dance Summer Playlist and I already have some great news. I’ve teamed up with Cherrytree Radio once again for a brand-new radio special. This time I’ll be chatting about and playing the Dance Summer Playlist ’12! The special will be airing all weekend on Friday: 3pm, 1am, Saturday: Noon, 6pm, 3am and Sunday: 4pm (ALL TIMES EST). Mark your calenders, set your alarms, write a note-to-self and be sure to tune in!


  • SCC

    awesome. I’m glad you posted this, because now I have an opportunity to thank you. So, Thank you so much for putting together that playlist. Over half of the songs, have been on repeat on my ipod and on almost all my playlist this summer. I really have been listening to your dance summer playlist all summer. That remix of “Big Hoops” by Nelly Furtado is my summer jam and my absolute favorite. The album version of that song is just too slow and doesn’t really work, but the Wideboys radio edit. WoW. just wow. It’s incredible. It is so infectious and really keeps me going. I wish they would play it on the radio and hope they play it at clubs. Thanks so much for introducing meto this remix. I also absolutely love the “Chasing the Sun” remix by The Wanted in this playlist. In my humble opinion, it is also 10x better than the original, I love the techno riff added after the chorus which reminds me of a Calvin Harris song, it’s simply killer and adds sooo much to the song. The Spectrum remix is also one of my favorites on your playlist too! It’s crazy to think that one could remix an “indie” song and still make it sound amazing. And Calvin Harris proved he CAN do that! 🙂 & The Adam Lambert remix to “Never Close Your Eyes” is also killer, and even better than the original. It keeps me moving, and helped me to grow even fonder of the song. Also, the Maroon 5 remix is awesome the way it uses the rare bridge, from the version without the rap, it was the first time I heard that bridge, and it works out awesome as the bridge plays during the first minute as the intro! I also love “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson, because it’s such a chillingly beautiful and emotional song, that has (seriously) made me cry at the first few listens, and the remix still keeps the emotion, while picking up the pace a little. I love it!

    Thank you so much Jon! I have at least those 6 remixes from your Dance Summer Playlist on all my current remixes for the pool, car, running, working out, etc. Without your remixes, I wouldn’t have been introduced to some of those songs, and wouldn’t have had those AMAZING remixes to keep me going for the summer. Thanks for posting the playlist. It’s really an amazing mix. I also appreciate when you post these and all your news posts. I stay current on new music and remixes because of your blog, and it’s always something amazing to look forward to, pop music-wise! Thanks for all the time you put into this blog. I’ve been checking it out since near its’ beginning- I believe I started checking it out at the end of 06, or the beginning of 07.

    I’m definitely gonna check out your interview on Cherry Tree Radio. I’m looking forward to it!

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