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P!nk: ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of P!nk‘s brand-new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)!” The track serves as the first official single off her sixth studio album due out later this year. Produced by Greg Kurstin (Ke$Ha, Kelly Clarkson, etc), “Blow Me” is a glorious pop-rock anthem filled with feisty but endlessly quotable lyrics. The song shares a lot of similarities with some of Kelly Clarkson‘s latest work off of Stronger but not in a way where they’re identical. The song is perfect for radio and is giving me some major Missundaztood-era vibes. I love it! (Note: This is indeed the final version, the volume on the vocals are just slightly off.) What do you guys think?

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  • Kyle

    I love the lyrics and the song is very catchy, I’m one of P!NK’s biggest fans, but how can this be “Indeed the final version” but the vocals be off? Wouldn’t that make this a demo then? Hopefully the FINAL released version has the vocal levels mastered, the “JUST WHEN IT CAN’T GET WORSE,” sounds WAY too off key to be the final version, no?

    • JonAli

      Everything about the “FINAL” version is the same. This rip just has the vocal levels all over the place. Not technically a demo, not technically the final.

    • Herlina

      christopher Hi dave, Great video. I just had a few problems rerngdiag flopping the video, I have a video that is viewed from sideward position, i try to flop and adjust the height and width. when i try to view the video there is big borders in the video. I tried to crop it but the border can’t be remove. can you help me on how to remove the border and maximize it? hoping for your response. Thanks and God blessChristopher

  • Jonathan

    I really like it, glad Pink is back. You can definitely hear the similarities with Kelly’s latest album in fact it could easily be a Kelly song. Looking forward to Pink’s new album.

  • soulie

    I think this sounds like a kelly song maybe due to the chorus but Pink makes it her own once she comes on. She doesn’t sound as edgy as her other songs hence again the similarities with Kelly. Or maybe thats just me. If you hadn’t mentioned Kelly at all then maybe…

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