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Pitbull: ‘Get It Started’ Featuring Shakira!

Check out the premiere of Pitbull‘s new single “Get It Started” featuring Shakira! The track produced by Sidney Samson will serve as the first official single off his seventh studio album, Global Warming, due out later this year. “Get It Started” is exactly what you would expect from the Latin worldwide sensations, a massive synth-heavy dance floor anthem. The track will undoubtedly be a huge hit for both artists and will be everywhere within months. Shakira‘s new album is just around the corner. What do you guys think?



  1. Yea that’s gonna be a smash, too bad Pitbull raps about the same thing over and over.

  2. really liking it!!!!

  3. I F***ing Hate Pitbull.

  4. Blech. I just can’t get into Shakira’s vocals. I think i would like it otherwise but they just don’t fit with the song for me personally.

  5. hey said Malaysia 🙂

  6. Pitbull’s verses are tired, but the production and Shakira’s vocals save this track.

  7. The song is good… kind of wish it was only Shakira.

  8. Yeah Pitbull sounds tired. He and Usher should just be happy with their millions and retire forever.

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