Jennifer Lopez Announces ‘Dance Again…The Hits’!

Latin diva and queen of endorsements, Jennifer Lopez has finally announced the release of her first-ever greatest hits album Dance Again…The Hits! The 44-year-old global superstar will release the compilation packed with over a dozen sensational career-spanning hits on July 24 via Epic Records. The 16-track set will also include two of her latest singles, “Goin’ In” with Flo Rida and “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull. The deluxe edition features three additional tracks and a DVD with all the videos from the album. Basically, this is a must-have for any J.Lo fan. The woman may have never had a perfect album but she has released a bunch of flaw-free singles throughout her career. I know I’ll be picking this up. What do you guys think?

1. Dance Again (featuring Pitbull)
2. Goin’ In (featuring Flo Rida)
3. I’m Into You (featuring Lil Wayne)
4. On The Floor (featuring Pitbull)
5. Love Don’t Cost A Thing
6. If You Had My Love
7. Waiting For Tonight
8. Get Right (featuring Fabolous)
9. Jenny From The Block (Track Masters Remix featuring Styles P. & Jadakiss)
10. I’m Real (Remix featuring Ja Rule)
11. Do It Well
12. Ain’t It Funny (Remix featuring Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah)
13. Feelin’ So Good (Remix featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe)
Deluxe Edition: Bonus Tracks
14. All I Have (featuring LL Cool J)
15. Que Hiciste
16. Let’s Get Loud


  • Duane

    You know your career’s coming to an end when you release a ‘Greatest Hits’ album. Look at Keeps Getting Better by Floptina!

  • Lucas

    No it doesn’t. Look at Madonna, Mariah, and Britney for instance. Madge had a lot of success after her 1st greatest hits; Mariah released 2005’s best selling album after her greatest hits; and Britney is still having a lot of success.

  • Carlos

    Not a perfect album? Then what was ‘This Is Me…then’?? That was incredible from start to finish, it had the hip hop songs, the poppy tunes and the ballads, ‘Dear Ben’ to this day remains one of my faves.


    Surprised “Play” didn’t make the cut. It was a bigger hit than “Feelin’ So Good”, “Do It Well” and “I’m Into You.” I would have probably added “I’m Glad” too. I love that video.

  • Brandon

    It’s missing one of my favorite songs by her and one of her best which is “Play.” It’s also missing “I’m Gonna Be Alright”, “I’m Glad”, “Hold You Down”, and “Papi.” All amazing songs that should be on it. Still a good collection of hits though.

  • Winter

    She’s an amazing dancer and she looks better than ever but I just don’t like the music she’s releasing now, it’s time for a break boo!

  • JVe

    Were is ‘Play’, ‘I’m Glad’, ‘Play’, ‘Hold It Don’t Drop It’, ‘Louboutins’, ‘Fresh Out The Oven’, ‘Papi’ … All of my favorite singles are not on the album.. :-S

  • Whyohwhyj.lo

    Whoever made this tracklist should be shot in the head ASAP. J.Lo has alot of hit songs and remixes. This is appaling. Though i do not like the commenter duaneho for his absurd comments in the past, I think this will flop. It is not extensive as it looks like.

  • marco

    kinda disappointed that i didn’t see a Featured Nicki Minaj Track. and Papi should have been at least added onto the album. 😐

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