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Song of the Week: Bobby Newberry ‘Dirrty Up’ w/ Jessie & The Toy Boys

This weeks Song of the Week comes from dancer and choreographer Bobby Newberry! As an in-demand choreography powerhouse, Bobby has spent the last couple of years crafting innovative stage material for the likes of Missy Elliot, The Pussycat Dolls, Eminem, and many more. Now combining his love for dance and music, Bobby is ready to takeover all on his own for the very first time with his debut single “Dirrty Up” featuring Jessie and the Toy Boys. The track is an absolute club smash with its hard beats, filthy electronica, and sexed up chorus. It goes hard, the title does not lie, it’s “Dirrrrrrrrty” and I fucking love it. I look forward to what else Bobby has in store for us. Below you can check out the official video featuring cameos from former Pussycat Doll members Ashley Roberts and Melody Thornton. Get into it!

BUY Bobby Newberry’s debut single “Dirrty Up” feat. Jessie & The Toy Boys on iTunes NOW!


  • Ashlee

    I don’t know what the first two are talking about. The song and video are so hot!! I loved everything about this. Thanks Jon!

  • Clinton

    FAIL…1. Song was horribly produced 2. It didn’t work for Blake Mcgrath and wont work for Bobby 3. Jessie and the toy boys are a flop AND 4. Is that Melody from PCD?? lol stop using has beens and never beens to try and be relevant.

  • Alex

    LOL at people saying he’s not gay….

    I think the choreography part is pretty well done… but doesn’t mean he should start singing / autotuning himself… the rest of the video is meh, and so is the song. and i agree with what others said.. Jessie and the toy boys are so irrelevant.


  • Ron

    The song is hot! Yes its heavily autotuned but, most pop music is now days. This doesnt showcase whether or not he has any kind of vocal ability but for what it is, the song is great. Club banger for sure.

    As for the comments about “Jessie and the Toy Boys” being irrelevant… Just because Jessie hasnt had a smash hit, doesnt mean shes not talented. And although some performers are lucky enough to have their first single top charts, others have to work hard to climb the ladder. Dont knock the chick just because shes still hanging on. Let her keep climbing. Her music is actually really good. End rant.

  • jO

    He’s not gay? seriously? lol
    Gays are awesome, its not an insult. But yeah its pretty obvious he is, or he’s just not straight.

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