P!nk Announces Brand-New Single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’!

The return of P!nk is upon us music lovers! It’s been almost two years since the 32-year-old singer-songwriter released her last single “Fuckin’ Perfect” and just under four years since the release of her last record, Funhouse. P!nk hasn’t been in hiding though, she welcomed her first child, Willow Sage, with husband Carey Hart into the world just last year. Now that the baby is all grown P!nk is preparing the release of her sixth studio album with the announcement of her brand-new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)“. The track was produced by Greg Kurstin (Ke$Ha, Kelly Clarkson, etc) and it will be released on July 9. Are you excited?!


  • SCC

    I honestly cannot wait. Huge fan since “There You Go”. And each record and single she ups her game, and it just gets better and she is always herself. I also love how she is always so down to earth. I can watch her interviews all day. I really hope she can do a full American tour to support this album again, because I know her American fan base isn’t nearly as large as her overseas fanbase. But I know us American fans can’t wait to hear this single & to get this new album & if it’s anything like beautiful and vulnerable songs of “Glitter in the AIr”, “F**kin’ Perfect”, “Mean”, “Crystal Ball”, “Who Knew”, “Sober”, & “I Don’t Believe You” and the fun and unfiltered honesty of “Raise Your Glass”, “So What”, “U + Ur Hand” and “Stupid Girls”, which I’m sure it will be, these characteristics of vulnerability (especially from her last 2 album) and fun/unfiltered truth, makes P!nk who she is and what fans love about her, I know it’s gonna be amazing!! 🙂 CAN’T WAIT! 😉

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