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Rachel Crow: ‘Mean Girls’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rachel Crow‘s first single “Mean Girls“! The track will be featured on her forthcoming debut self-titled EP available digitally on June 26. For those of you who may not know her, Rachel participated in the first season of the U.S. X Factor and finished in fifth place overall. After her dramatic elimination Rachel quickly landed a Nickelodeon TV deal and Columbia Records contract. “Mean Girls” is exactly what I expected from the young rising star. It’s an age-appropriate single with a positive message that fits perfectly for her voice. Written and produced by Toby Gad, the song carries strong similarities to his work with Beyoncé (If I Were A Boy) and Fergie (Big Girls Don’t Cry). If promoted correctly, Rachel has got a hit on her hands. What do you guys think?

Mean Girls



  1. Really enjoy the song 🙂
    Nothing can stop this true talent young girl!

  2. So powerful and emotional for a girl of only 11. I’m rooting for Rachel!

  3. I mean’t of only 14! lol

  4. Love the song hate the video

  5. loooooved it! =D

  6. LMAO…..This bitch needs to GO AWAY!!! she is so annoying.

  7. How are you gonna call an 11 year old a bitch?!! She is just trying to make music. It’s actually good. I swear…fans this generation are quick to judging but could NEVER do what they do. If you don’t like it, KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES!!!

  8. i think i really like the song just by listening once, just amazing and i did not even know this fatty girl.

  9. Some people seriously need to seek psychiatrists for calling this talented little girl a b!tch… like wow our society is sick

  10. It’s a great song for a girl her age. And Carlos Pena did an amazing job on the video <3

  11. love it. She will have success… no doubt about it!

  12. I can’t stand her for some reason! ever since that DRAMATIC fall out which was deff a cry for attention she ANNOYS ME!

  13. I don’t think so, the song is good but this girl is so annoying seriously. lol And I laughed when I read people saying: She is not a bitch lol I guess that was just an expression, but if we hide the face, the curls and attitude,she could be successful

  14. People are actually disgusting.
    She’s 11 years old.
    You are all horrible.

    cute song

  15. she’s fat anyway, she needs to lose some weight and then we will see. uh, by the way, she needs to get over with the curls.

    1. Wow that’s a bit harsh don’t you think?

  16. No one can deny that she’s not talented thats obvious. I like the song, its catchy just like many other pop songs and I think she will do well. Even if this isnt a hit, she has plenty of time for potential, the girl is 11. She’s only in the 5th grade. People need to stop acting like children, thats the purpose of the whole song.

  17. i’m not a fan of the whole 12 year old tween star thing, and i think it’s funny how upset/offened people are about her being called a “little fatty bitch”, LoL.
    but what’s with all this curly hair hate?!
    …smells like racism…

    1. How is it racist to hate curly hair? You guys throw this word around WAY too easily. ANY race can have a head of curly hair.

  18. The girl is 14. Stop with the comments about her hair, weight, and her being a “bitch”. How pathetic can some of you be? You really need to grow up.

    I like the song and video. It’s age appropriate and has a good message. It’s exactly the type of song I would expect from her.

  19. love it!

  20. you guys are so horrible,the song is really good and could a long way and the girl got talent. how can you call an 11 year old a bitch and call her fat,uall are just mean and have nothing better to do than hide behind of your username and attack this poor little girl.. You go Rachel Crow like you said in your song just comb them out of your curls

  21. Love it. Her voice is flawless…love that girl.

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