Ke$ha: ‘Supernatural’ Snippet!

It’s been awhile since we last heard from pop songstress Ke$ha. The 25-year-old singer-singer hasn’t released any new material since Cannibal hit the shelves in November of 2010, but rest assured – the wait is almost over. Just moments ago Dr. Luke premiered a snippet of a brand-new track titled “Supernatural” and it already sounds like the most exciting thing I’ve heard all year. “When you take my body to the stars, I believe it. Boy, this love is supernatural. Can you feel it?” Any initial doubts about her return have been immediately forgotten. I can’t wait for this new record! What do you guys think?


  1. Kha

    FINALLY a song im excited about! this sounds HOT! i know what imma be blasting all summer. KESHA ALWAYS HAS THE HOTTEST BEATS!

  2. @Blkboard

    I have been waiting forever and I’m happy that finally there’s new music!!Cant wait for the album.

  3. Alexz A

    And just when I thought all my Faves were dying off..Ke$ha comes out of nowhere and makes it all BETTER! (:

  4. number1k9

    I like the snippet, but it took her this long to give us this???

    Where is all of the 70s Rock influence she was going for? I mean i like her Dance Pop, but I don’t hear much difference than her prior music.

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