Usher: ‘Numb’ + ‘Euphoria’ Produced By Swedish House Mafia!

We are just over a week until Usher officially releases his seventh studio album Looking 4 Myself on Tuesday (June 12). The 33-year-old entertainer is currently taking over all radio formats with his singles “Climax” and “Scream” and it looks like that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of the year. Here we have both of Usher‘s collaborations with mega EDM force Swedish House Mafia, which can be heard now on iTunes as part of their exclusive free stream of the entire album. “Numb” and “Euphoria” are both easily two of his best dance tracks to date and both obvious contenders for singles. “Euphoria” is a massive track with strong vocals and familiar stadium-house sounds that we’ve come to expect from SHM productions. Be sure to check them out, Enjoy!

Listen to Usher’s seventh studio album “Looking 4 Myself” on iTunes NOW!


  1. James

    another one bites the dust… usher has jumped on the dance music craze. Go back to what you know best and use to do!!!

  2. Mike

    I’m disappointed, expected more from Usher, these tracks are great, and I absolutely love euphoria but I wished he tried something else.

  3. Mike

    I take that back, just gave the album a quick listen, it’s an electronic R&B sound, not bad. Some tracks are really good. I guess scream was just to grab mainstream attention.

  4. Chad

    I prefer his old school stuff or music like climax. Also, can he please shave that nasty facial hair? Ugh. Doesn’t look good on him at all.

  5. Emmanuel

    The songs are pure crap, Usher look uglier than ever with that beard, He has lost all his swagga, He’s not cool anymore

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