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Ciara: ‘Sweat’ Featuring 2 Chainz – Premiere!

Ciara returns with a brand-new single “Sweat” featuring 2 Chainz! The track serves as the first official single off her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, due out later this year. The new album will also be her first since reuniting with L.A. Reid and signing a new deal with Epic Records. “Sweat” is a bass-heavy club banger very reminiscent to some of her work in the past with a contemporary flare. It’s not bad but it also isn’t great. The military inspired beat is hot but I’m not sure if this is the comeback single, only time will tell. What do you guys think?

Sweat (feat. 2 Chainz)


    • Jesse

      I agree. This is sad.

      Everything she’s released sounds like it was recorded at once in 2002. There’s nothing current or catchy about her music. It all just falls flat. She needs an epic dance number (sans Pitbull preferably) and she needs it quick.

  • cody

    Man, Ciara must be black-balled in the industry or something cuz she can’t get a good song for the life of her. Promise & Ride were so legit, but everything else she has put out since then has been so weak. She is the best dancer out there but if she keeps putting this crap out her stock is gonna continue to drop. Side-note, she looks like a dude in this pic

    • Alicia

      Have you listened to Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct? There are a lot of fantastic songs on both. Work, Tell Me What Your Name Is, Wants for Dinner, I Run It… I don’t know why those albums didn’t connect with a lot of people but, sigh, they connected with me. This song is a mess, but I think she’s been doing a lot of stuff she hasn’t gotten proper credit for.

      • Victory Panda

        Basic Instinct and Fantasy Ride both BLEW ME AWAY. I was not a fan of her first two albums except a few songs, but I def found those albums totally underrated and worthy of far more press than what it got.

        As for this song… I like it. I’m sure by the end of the day, I’ll be in my living room flailing around.

        • 3ric19

          Heavy Rotation, Turn It Up (from Basic Instinct) should’ve been smashers!
          Turntables, Pucker Up, & Work (from Fantasy Ride) should also have been smashers
          Oh! & I like this Sweat song! It’s BADASS! Lol

  • cody

    Sorry guys both Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct were terrible albums. I’d like to say that is simply my opinion but Basic Instinct only sold 68,000 copies! Clearly that speaks volumes. I’m a fan but she really needs to step her game up.

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