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Kat Graham: ‘Against The Wall’ EP + Live Performance!

Ever since dropping her new single “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” Kat Graham has garnered some mixed buzz surrounding her music career. The 22-year-old Vampire Diaries actress is on a mission to be taken serious as the new pop diva in town. This week, Kat released her debut EP titled, Against The Wall, featuring her lead single and three other tracks. The EP is actually pretty solid and features a diverse set of songs that compliment her strengths. To promote the EP, Kat stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she made her first televised musical performance of “Put Your Graffiti On Me.” The result was slightly disappointing, Kat looked and danced great but her vocals were far from perfect. I appreciate her effort but in this case, lip-syncing half the performance could’ve done the song more justice. What did you guys think?

BUY Kat Graham’s debut EP “Against The Wall” on iTunes NOW!


  • Bryan

    cute. yes, vocals could have been a bit better, but the performance itself was tops — she always gives everything.! the girl scout concept was nice, but a lil cheesy for me.

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