Justin Bieber: ‘Die In Your Arms’ + ‘All Around The World’

Justin Bieber is currently taking over the airwaves with his latest single “Boyfriend” and his new album Believe is just a few weeks away from being released on June 19. Now that the leading track has already peaked to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, Bieber is ready to start releasing more material from the new record. As done previously by Bieber, he will be releasing a batch of promo singles exclusively to iTunes leading up to the release of Believe. First up we have “Die In Your Arms,” a pleasant mid-tempo pop track featuring a sample from Michael Jackson‘s “We’ve Got a Good Thing Going.” Next is the Ludacris-assisted “All Around The World,” which technically leaked but will eventually be released as a promo single aswell. It’s a hot club banger that is guaranteed to get you up on your feet. Believe is shaping up to be quite a solid treat. What do you guys think?

BUY Justin Bieber’s new promo single “Die In Your Arms” on iTunes NOW!


  1. sjazz

    Why so generic??? JB was kinda different from everyone else… but so far the new album sounds so like every other artist with a “club banger”. boo you whore

  2. RRM

    All Around the World does kinda sound like something Britney Spears would sing…either way both are generic but will do well no matter what :/

  3. juanald

    all around the world reminds me till the world ends. i’m glad i’m not the only one who can hear the similarities. i like it.

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