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Florence + the Machine: ‘Spectrum’ Video Premiere!

Pay attention because Florence + the Machine just slayed all your faves with her video for “Spectrum!” The track serves as the fifth single from her sophomore album, Ceremonials, available in stores now. First of all, I’m thrilled “Spectrum” has finally gotten the single treatment because it is one of the most positive tracks on the album and an obvious favorite for many. For the video, Florence managed to get iconic fashion photographer David LaChapelle and John Byrne to direct the big visual. The outcome is something stunning, artistic, colorful, and inspiring. Florence has never looked this good and the video is hands down one of my favorites of the year. What did you guys think?

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  • Topher

    Yeah the video is kinda strange. The hair is weirdly layered. When you layer your hair, I think you’re supposed to do it in a way where it all blends in and doesn’t look like a red christmas tree.

    I think it was a bit unfair to call Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” video boring, but yet you love this! There’s nothing really going on but a bunch of ballet dancing. I thought Kelly’s video was a bit more interesting and told a story whereas this one doesn’t really tell anything.

  • cody

    You people are nuts, that video was dope and her hair was cool as hell! It is art, not every day life!

    She looks incredible and she is a bonafide rock star, she could rock that hair to Sunday Mass and it would work. Sexiest she’s ever looked

  • Eva

    This video is art.

    I don’t know where these people come off acting as if they know anything and then compare it to Kelly Clarkson. This is pure Florence + The Machine style at its best. And yes.. ‘Dark Side’ is nothing short of a generic moody pop music video made for the masses.

    There’s a difference between creating art and telling a story.

  • Don

    I get why some people wouldn’t like this video as it’s not personally my type of thing, BUT Eva and Sebastian are right when they say it’s a work of Art. If you look deeper than just the fact that there are ballet dancers you’ll see the cool formations they make, the art-deco inspired pieces even down to her chandelier hair cut. I think the most obv. artistic reference to Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ where Florence is standing in water with the spikes around her in front of some sky-scrapers making her a modern day Venus.
    I’ll stop now as I’m boring myself but yea, just thought I’d throw in my 2 pence…

  • Jonathan

    I feel like this video was kind of a shit show. There was a lot going on and everybody looked really uncomfortable doing it. I can tell they just took the direction of Byrne and LaChapelle and were like “Well, they’re artistic geniuses so I guess…” instead of staying true to Florence + The Machine’s image.

    It was a pretty video but it READ uncomfortable. That Venus scene though? Still gagging. So gorgeous.

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