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Maroon 5: ‘Payphone’ Featuring Wiz Khalifa!

Check out the premiere of Maroon 5‘s latest video for “Payphone” featuring Wiz Khalifa! The track serves as the first official single off their new album Overexposed due out June 26. The video mainly stars front man Adam Levine as a bespectacled bank worker who saves a co-worker from bank robbers and he ends up at a ‘Payphone’. For a big budget video, they could’ve made it go with the song a little more. Other than that, I guess it’s okay. What do you guys think?

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  1. I agree, they could have made the video go with the song a bit more. I think it was unnecessary to make this a mini-blockbuster film and I’m a bit underwhelmed by this song. I really enjoyed Moves Like Jagger so was expecting an equally good follow up. I prefer their old sound, they’ve gone too mainstream pop but I still love Maroon 5 😀

  2. not too thrilled… would’ve liked to see a different visual with such a GREAT song!

  3. The plot makes absolutely no sense. Who came up with this silly plot?

    1. I agree… why would he have to run away from police? Like the song thou…

  4. is that normal to find a telephone booth under the bridge? it make no sense

  5. Every song of their starts with the same notes. Same old same old somehow! +100 to the comments about the plot! Plain stupid!!

  6. i’m so lost wtf !!! haha

  7. definitely not what I had expected for this song but it works I guess. It seems a little weird but whatever the gotta do

  8. horrible video amazing song.

  9. So STUPID!!!!!!
    & @Nisha: You say they are too mainstream pop now????
    They have never been anything but beyond mainstream pop!
    At least he’s good looking

  10. wow that was awful! just absolutely awful! i am not a fan of the song to begin with, but what a crap of a video. i will say i’m a fan of the C-Rok RokCandy Remix of the track.

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  12. The video makes absolutely no sense, which makes sense since all music videos are like that these days.
    Great song though

  13. SUCH a waste of a good song!!!

  14. i totally love that song, but i dont get this mv, i confused that story.
    but that song is really great. Adam’s voice is alway touch my heart.

  15. i totally love that song, but i dont get that mv, i confused that story.
    but that song is really great. Adam’s voice is alway touch my heart.

  16. This video makes no logic!!! Rarw rarw bam Adam Levine…

  17. Why does Wiz Kalifa rap about being rich and having a nice car, but plays a hobo in the music video?

  18. the music video did not match the song ( for me )

  19. why are the police after the hostages?! it makes no sense and annoys me so much. i get the meanings behind the lyrics and that maroon 5 probably just wanted to play badass in a video…but they couldve aleast made it realistic. maybe by him being the robber or something? frustrating.

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