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Jon ALi Interviews: Cassie

Just a few weeks ago, I was given the chance to talk to 25-year-old recording artist Cassie! In 2006, she took over the charts with her debut single “Me & U” and now the grown up songstress is getting ready to release her long-awaited as-of-yet-untitled sophomore album this Fall. With first single “King Of Hearts” currently impacting everywhere, Cassie tells us she has a lot plan for this new era in her career. Check out my interview with Cassie below where we talked about “King Of Hearts“, the new album, and her future plans!

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Cassie: Hey Jon! How are you?

Jon: I’m wonderful. How are you?

Cassie: I’m pretty good.

Jon: Good! I heard you’re in California.

Cassie: I am. It’s great. Where are you?

Jon: I’m in New York.

Cassie: Oh! You’re at my home. I haven’t been home in a couple of weeks.

Jon: Aww, I’m sure for good reasons. What are you doing in Cali?

Cassie: Yeah. I’ve been in rehearsal for the new record, TV, radio shows, and all of that.

Jon: That’s exciting. You must have a couple things lined up then since you’re rehearsing.

Cassie: Yes, I do. We’re figuring everything out but I just wanted to be ahead of the game and be prepared for when I hit the road next month.

Jon: That sounds like a good plan to me. You must be pretty excited to be getting out there again. You haven’t really been out of the spotlight but music wise you’ve been quiet, except for a song or two on a mixtape.

Cassie: Yeah, I’m so excited. I think a lot of the sentiment and feeling about it is natural excitement. It’s been awhile and I kind of get to start over and reintroduce myself.

Jon: Yeah totally! It’s a fresh new start. Have you had any déjà vu moments? Hearing your song on the radio again?

Cassie: Yes actually! I was leaving a doctors appointment and I got into my car and put on The Heat on XM Radio or something like that and they said “Coming up we got that new Cassie joint”. I think they had just added it and it didn’t register with me quickly. The times that I’ve heard it, someone has told me it was going to be played. So when I heard that, I was like “Oh my god, I remember this feeling” and I got really excited.

Jon: That’s awesome!

Cassie: It felt great.

Jon: Yeah, totally and you’ve been getting such a great response to the song.

Cassie: Yeah, it’s been amazing. I had no idea if people were going to accept the song or how they were going to feel about it and people are welcoming it with open arms. It feels right. In some ways, it feels like I didn’t miss a step. The way it’s been accepted, feels just like “Me & U” again.

Jon: Yeah, I totally get that. I think what people are hearing is that, it’s a natural progression. It’s still a Cassie record but it feels like a Cassie record moving to a new and better direction.

Cassie: Exactly! Thank you. I’m more sure of myself, confident, and it’s coming from me. That was very important for me working on this record. It’s my story and I want people to know that this is me.

Jon: For sure. On the rest of the album will we be hearing more of the dance/jungle-pop sound?

Cassie: Yes. This album in particular I wanted a dance jungle-pop vibe to it. I have a couple more dance records on the album and then I still have my r&b thing that I’m known for. I wanted to try something new and be able to reach a new audience of people, which I think I’m already starting to do.

Jon: Yeah, definitely. I’ve actually played “King of Hearts” for some of my friends who aren’t necessarily big pop/r&b fans and they were like “This is good. Who is this?” and when I told them it was you, they were surprised but immediately loved it.

Cassie: Really!? That’s so cool. I love that! Thank you.

Jon: No problem. I think that’s happening a lot with “King of Hearts“. It’s really connecting with people.

Cassie: Yeah, and that’s exactly what I want. I want people to be able to relate to me and see me in a different light. Some people don’t even know what my talking voice sounds like. I think that it’s important for people to connect with you as a human being and not just as an artist. In the music this time around, you feel me as a person.

Jon: Good, good. That’s the way it should be. Who are some of the people you’ve worked with on this album?

Cassie: J2 produced “King Of Hearts,” I also worked Jean Baptiste, Danja, Rico Love, The Neptunes, and this writer named Nash, who’s up-and coming but wrote one of my favorite records on the album.

Jon: Great! That sounds like a pretty solid list of people to me. Did you approach them or did they approach you? How did everything come together?

Cassie: It was pretty organic, we would just see each other at the studio or just reach out to one another. With Jean Baptiste, I had met him before when he was working with the Black Eyed Peas. I was recording at the same studio he was at and he came over and played me some stuff and that’s how we got connected. Everything came together really naturally with this project.

Jon: It’s always better when things turn out that way.

Cassie: Exactly.

Jon: Now we’ve heard the Kanye West remix of “King of Hearts” already. Are we going to be hearing anymore?

Cassie: Yeah, there’s a couple remixes. One of my favorites that is already out is the R3hab remix. Erick Morillo did a remix and that should be coming out soon. There’s a lot that you’ll be hearing soon.

Jon: Great! We need to get them out to the clubs and radio so that the song is everywhere [Laughs].

Cassie: [Laughs] Yes! Exactly.

Jon: When can we expect the album?

Cassie: It should be out during back to school time. We’re looking at a Fall release right now.

Jon: Yay! Good. Well I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I’m looking forward to the album and I’m hoping the single starts catching on. Just keep doing your thing.

Cassie: Me too! Thank You.

Jon: No problem. Have a good one!

Cassie: Take care.

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