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Rihanna: Live on Saturday Night Live! (5.5.12)

Last night, Rihanna hit the stage as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The 24-year-old singer shared the coveted slot with New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, but did not join in on the fun for a skit like she had done the first two times she previously appeared on the show. Ri performed “Birthday Cake“, “Talk That Talk” and her current single “Where Have You Been“. Her vocals were shaky and out of tune at times but overall she delivered two solid performances. Rihanna has really grown as a performer over the years and it’s great to see her finally doing choreography and killing it. What did you guys think? Can’t see the videos: Click here.

Birthday Cake / Talk That Talk

Where Have You Been


  • Vince

    The Where Have You Been performance was good, dance well and just sounds like CD version. But the first one.. nayyy, mess.

  • Doug

    “solid performances”???? Did we watch the same thing? She is a mess and she has not improved shes just as bad as shes always was

  • Ashlee

    Rihanna is a pop star, lets not get it twisted. I don’t think she’s trying to change the world with her music. It’s pop. Let loose and enjoy.

  • A

    I don’t understand how people with no actual talent are allowed to become so popular in our culture. What does that say about us?

  • Trems

    First of all, Rihanna is full of talent and grace. Secondly, the first performance wasn’t her best but so what she’s human and her voice was not at its best at least she sang live.Give her a f**king break!! Lets see you go up in stage and do what she just did!
    Finally, the performance of “where have you been” was great. I enjoyed it. I absolutely love Rihanna and the haters can keep on hating because she ain’t going nowhere!!

    • Ryan

      I totally agree with Trems…the first performance may not have been her best but the second one was a bit better. she’s awesome live so those of you who have not seen her live are mistaken and missing out. if she does go anywhere, it’ll be higher on the charts.

  • D

    I’ve seen Rihanna live and her vocals were very good, and her performance was amazing. You can’t deny she is very talented. Let’s not forget she’s dancing and singing at the same time, not focusing solely on vocals. So her voice isn’t Celine Dion, who cares? She can dance and perform, she makes good music and people love her. End of story.


    she did her best already!!! she was sick, the doctor visited her just before the performance, she could have done a lot better!!!

  • Isaac

    she does have talent… she has the talent to get up on stage….dance..ACTUALLY SING (not lip-sync like alot of artists do), and entertain the crowd. its really hard to get up in front of that many ppl and do that. let alone do all of that at the same time and remember choreography. give her a break. yeah the first performance was messy. and she may not have the BEST voice ever. BUT its not question that she has talent. she couldve gotten up there and lip-synced and u STILL wouldve bashed her for it. stop hating cuz u know u listen to her damn music. and u must like her somewhat cuz u just sat through 2 videos about her.

    its about the entertainment and the performance…not whether she hit every note and sounded perfect. thats what the talent is.

    if u wanna watch something strictly for the voice…watch a damn opera.

  • mr.bouzou

    I love the WHYB performance, the first is a bit akward but still enjoyed it… would and will go and see her live again! 😀 😀 😀

    P.S. Rihanna reign will never stop… ;P

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